Zombie Land Saga Season 3: Mipon interviews Author and Producer

Zombie Land Saga Season 3

If you thought MAPPA could only make fantasy anime, wait until you see Zombie Land Saga. It is one of the prettiest horror, CGDCT, and music anime you’ll ever see! The anime was first released in 2018 and was renewed for a second season in 2021. After the first season’s success, fans were ecstatic to see it return for more fun and adventure. 

What do the show’s creators have to say about it? What about the third season of Zombie Land Saga? Several fun tidbits and behind-the-scenes details about the anime were disclosed in Mipon’s exclusive interview with the show’s producer and screenwriter.

Several sequences in Zombie Land Saga are placed in the Saga Prefecture of Kyushu, Japan. Mipon conducts an intriguing interview with the two personalities, asking them a series of fascinating questions. Shigeru Murakoshi (writer) and Nobuhiro Takenaka (producer) both had some interesting things to say about the show. They also provide a small detail about Zombie Land Saga season 3 along with these statements. While fans wait for further information on the anime, we present you with the most tantalizing updates and behind-the-scenes details!

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Shigeru Murakoshi and Nobuhiro Takenaka Discuss The Zombie Land Saga

“I feel it (Zombie Land Saga) was truly a team effort and not carried entirely by one or two people. If one of us hadn’t been there, I’m not sure we could have found someone equally as good.” – Nobuhiro Takenaka.

Zombie Land Saga Season 3

The show’s writer, Shigeru Murakosh was approached by MAPPA’s CEO, Manabu Otsuka, to collaborate on the creation of the anime. The Zombie Land Saga is a horror and comedy narrative. Murakoshi and Takenaka unfold various reasons for them choosing Saga as the anime’s site in their interview with Mipon. The Saga Government aided them in their search for suitable locations. Zombie Land Saga was the result of collective teamwork and not an individual alone. Murakoshi was able to write an incredible script based on all of the ideas that were pitched in by the entire team. In fact, he completed the script only about two years after his joining.

Murakoshi and Takenaka were also presented with some personal questions, based on their backgrounds in the industry. Shigeru Murakoshi began engaging himself with scriptwriting

late in life. Takenaka had joined the project before him. Prior to joining, there was just a hazy sense of what Zombie Land Saga would be about. The only thing they had finalized was that the program would be about Zombie idols.

Will there be a Season 3 for Zombie Land Saga?

The anime’s second season ended in June 2021. Takenaka claims that they haven’t decided whether or not the show has completed, implying that the show could return for another season, much to the joy of the Zombie Land Saga fans. Upon further inquiry about the possibility of a third season or possibly a spin-off, Takenaka merely stated that he is currently focused solely on the second season. His remarks were similar following the conclusion of the first season.

However, fans should not be too discouraged. Despite the fact that there has been no official announcement of the third season of Zombie Land Saga, Takenaka has not fully dismissed the possibility.

Zombie Land Saga Season 3

The interview with Mipon was an intriguing tour of various interesting facts. Murakoshi and Takenaka provide a lot of information about the series. They also shared their thoughts on the anime’s plot and characters, as well as the difficulties they encountered while creating it.

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Where to watch Zombie Land Saga 

You can watch both seasons of Zombie Land Saga on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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