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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Spoilers: Bardock’s Past

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

Following the conclusion of the Moro storey arc, Dragon Ball Super is presently in the middle of the ‘Granolah the Survivor’ arc. Granolah, who has a vendetta against the Saiyans, was the target of Goku and Vegeta’s efforts. 

Granolah, on the other hand, overcame Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation after fighting Goku in his Ultra Instinct form. Monaito appeared on the scene just in time to halt Granolah before Vegeta and he could finish the fight they’d started. 

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In an interesting turn of events, Monaito admits that the Saiyan named “Bardock” was the one who rescued Granolah 40 years ago from getting murdered.


DBS Chapter 77 Raw Scans

The creators just shared some early draughts of DBS chapter 77. The new chapter is named “Bardock, Father Of Goku,” from what was revealed in the leaks, and it gives us a good peek of the events that occurred 40 years ago.

The storey begins on Planet Cereal, where Cerealians and Namekians are having a pleasant time and living harmoniously. On a full moon night, however, Frieza’s armies arrive on the planet, leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem. 


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Spoilers

We see Saiyans in their ‘Great Ape’ form massacring everyone and everything in their path in certain panels of Chapter 77. Namekians and Cerealians were unable to defend themselves against their foes due to their small numbers, because of which they died in large numbers. 

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During all of this mayhem, we witness Namekian, who is injured, giving the Dragon Balls to Monaito. The tale then shifts to three Cerealians fighting a Saiyan in his Ozaru form in vain. In the background, Bardock notices Granolah rushing across the streets.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 will be getting released on the 18th of October 2021. 

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