5 Most Powerful Chainsaw Man Characters and Ranked

Most Powerful Chainsaw Man Characters an

Every character seems to be better than the other in some way, but these are the most powerful ones in the Chainsaw Man series. Here is all you need to know about the 5 Most Powerful Chainsaw Man Characters and Ranked.

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Chainsaw ManMost Powerful Chainsaw Man Characters

Chainsaw Man defeated enemies that even outclassed his current level. Denji’s contract with Pochita makes him the owner of the finest of all abilities. But a user’s power also depends on their level of sanity. As stated by Kishibe, Devil Hunters have a higher chance of getting killed if they are sane.

But, if the users have a few “loose screws,” they can easily survive this game of death and life. Well, it’s hard to find another character in the series with more loose screws than Denji, making him the most powerful Devil Hunters and Chainsaw Man character.

Darkness Devildarkness devil

Darkness Devil is the scariest Chainsaw Man character, thanks to its terrifying body that’s made up of nothing but several human corpses. It is a transcendent being who gains power with the human’s fear of darkness. Darkness Devil can make people bleed to death by merely staring at them.

It can inflict damage on its victims and use several chants to obliterate their bodies brutally. The Black Sword is Darkness Devil’s most dangerous weapon. The telekinetic-controlled sword can eliminate enemies in just a blink of an eye.


Makima isn’t just the possessor of powerful supernatural abilities, she’s also the one with the brains. Her manipulative skills and charming mannerisms can easily deceive a person. The best example of her trickery can be seen in her encounters with Denji, who eventually becomes her human pet. Makima’s actions in the series were so terrorizing that fans started comparing her to Sosuke Aizen from Bleach or Griffith from Berserk.

Gun Devil Gun Devil

Gun Devil has such a terrorizing reputation that Makima asks Denji to kill it, offering him anything in return. It was able to kill around 1.2 million people in just five minutes. Its body consists of some of the deadliest assault riffles like AK-47, M16A1, MK18, and M4 Carbines, while its head has the barrel of an M1911.

The precision with which the Gun Devil shoots its enemies is unmatched. Having a metallic body makes the Gun Devil’s body more durable, and it’s so incredibly fast that some parts of its body burn when it runs.

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Santa Claus Santa Claus

Santa Claus in Chainsaw Man isn’t as pleasant as it may sound because of its name. In fact, Santa Claus’ real identity is known to be a woman with dark hair and a mole under her eye. But it’s quite uncertain if she’s actually the real deal. Santa Claus is a total mystery because of her unique powers.

Santa Claus’ prominent ability is doll creation. She can turn anyone into her minion with a simple touch and make them obey her orders. However, she needs to be near the dolls to control them. She can practically become immortal by transferring her consciousness to any of her dolls.

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