7 Times Keanu Reeves Proved Why He Is Just Breathtaking


Hollywood A-Lister, Keanu Reeves, has a successful record with hit film franchises John Wick and The Matrix. But, the star’s reputation precedes him. Between his humble nature and generous spirit, Reeves has gifted the world many times more. Here’s a look at some of those times.

Keanu Reeves started a children’s foundation but didn’t want his name attached.


In addition to Reeves’ good character, the actor is donating privately to children’s hospitals and foundations.

“I have a private foundation that has been running for five or six years, and it helps a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research,” Keanu said in a 2009 Ladies Home Journal article, which was reviewed by Snopes.


“I don’t want my name attached to it. I just let the foundation do what it does.”

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He surprises fans when they least expect it.


In viral news – which often happens in the case of Reeves – a Louisiana fan unexpectedly met the star. Stacey Hunt discovered Reeves was shooting in the area, so she and her son made a sign saying, “You are breathtaking” to welcome him.

Reeves has also been joined by Fox 5 News to look closely at the sign-up, according to Hunt. Not only did the actor sign the poster, “Stacey, you’re breathtaking,” but he posed for photos with the family.

“What you read about him being such a great person with a great heart is true,” she told CNN. “At least that’s what I think from my few minutes with him.”


He avoids making a scene whenever possible


In polite Reeves news, the star refuses to make a fuss – even if it is about his own movie wrapping party. According to Page Six, Reeves waited 20 minutes outside in the rain for a party for “Daughter of God”.

“Keanu was really waiting patiently,” Chauffeur Sunshine told the outlet. “I don’t think he ever told Bouncer that he was Keanu. Nobody recognized him.” 

The driver said further: “Keanu looks very ordinary. It was raining, but he just waited for his two friends to come. He didn’t act like he had money. I just thought he was a rock’ n’ roller.”


The club’s owner also stated that Reeves said nothing about his stature. He kept waiting patiently for someone to let him in.

Reeves calls everyone ‘breathtaking’ because, of course, he does


Reeves attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 in Los Angeles in 2019, citing the sign of Stacey Hunt. CNN reported that he was attending the “Cyberpunk 2077” game and promoting the game for Xbox One.

When Reeves spoke, YouTuber Peter Sark said, “You’re breathtaking!” Without skipping the beat, Reeves returned the compliment and then called the whole audience “breathtaking.” This is said to be one of the best moments of the convention.


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The star will take a pay cut to keep good employees on the set.



Reeves has little pride over money because of his various contributions. While working on The Devil’s Advocate, the star took a $2 million pay cut so Al Pacino could land. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that, but it’s another celebrity. What about the staff?

“What I did was I put part of what was given in my contract to create a pool so that other people who don’t usually do profit participation could see some money,” Reeves confessed during The Matrix Reloaded press junket.

He did it “because I wanted to,” he said.

He helps people whenever he can



There are entire Reddit threads dedicated to admiring the “the respectful king.” This thread has over 2,000 comments with Reeves’ stories.

“There are no bad stories about Keanu. I live in LA and work in North Hollywood, and everyone I hear here tells a story about Keanu. Everybody loves that guy. It’s made me love his movies. I don’t care how great they are. I love to see him because he makes me happy. I like to know there’s someone like that,” one fan wrote.

He buys ice cream to give autographs.


To drive home the point that we don’t deserve Reeves, he once bought ice cream he didn’t want or didn’t want to eat in a cone, so a fan could have his autograph on the receipt.


The tweet that tells the story is viral and rightly so. With so much bad news, it’s nice to know that there’s plenty of good stuff somewhere.

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