An Iron Man 3 Villain Connection In Black Widow Movie

Who Is Yelena Belova? Everything You Need To Know About Black Widow's Red Room Sister

The Black Widow movie trailers subtly suggest the return of Iron Man 3’s AIM, Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Black Widow Trailers Reveal Secret Iron Man 3 Connection. It’s a difficult time for Marvel fans; the MCU is essentially shut down now, as production on both movies and TV shows has been stalled. The Black Widow’s dramatic release has also been delayed, during which Marvel has decided not to announce any new release date.

Marketing for Black Widow was entering the final stages when Marvel decided to push the film back. As a result, viewers are already shown footage of the movie, and tie-in merchandise is already disrupting. Naturally, fans are watching every single clip, trying to uncover the future of the MCU.

The extravagant plot of the Black Widow is still a mystery. Natasha Romanoff is on the run after helping Steve Rogers and the Winter Soldier escape. Cut off from her usual lifestyle, Natasha somehow decides now is the right time to take over the Red Room, a detective facility that trained her as a child. It’s unclear how all this serves as a setup for Phase 4 – except for one small detail shown in the recent trailer.

Yelena Belova Is Shown Imprisoned By AIM

Black Widow introduces Yelena Belova, who is Natasha’s successor in the comics. The MCU’s version treats Natasha as an older sister, perhaps indicating that she worked side by side. Trailers suggest that, unfortunately, Yelena Belova is also captured by forces. One shot of her shows her being tied to some sort of bed, and the dress she wears in the final fight is recognizable. Blogger Charles Murphy turned the picture around, and he spotted a key brief written next to her name, Yelena: AIM.

AIM stands for “Advanced Idea Mechanics”, and it is one of the main villains in the MCU. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first created it in 1966, and they are essentially a group of super-scientists who believe that they alone have the intellectual right to rule the world.

AIM Might Be The Real Villain Of Black Widow And Not Taskmaster

After all, the taskmaster in comics is often portrayed as mercenary and assassin. So far, MCU’s Taskmaster looks comic-book-perfect, so it would be amazing to see Marvel Studios deviate at this point. While this is true that marketing suggests that Taskmaster is Natasha’s primary opponent, but we can’t forget Marvel is known for using trailers to mislead audiences. It was never revealed who Crossbones was working for when trying to steal an unknown biological agent in the Civil War.

Whatever role AIM plays in the film Black Widow, one thing is sure; they successfully capture Yelena Belova at the end of the film. Marvel is likely to change the story a bit. We can see AIM granting powers to Yelena rather than HYDRA.

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