MCU’s Hela Vs Thanos: 5 Reasons Why Hela Can Defeat Thanos


MCU’s Hela Vs Thanos: 5 Reasons Why Hela Is Better

Comic book fans have always pitted super-villains against each other in a hypothetical fight. So, between Hela and Thanos, who do you think is more robust?

The MCU is vast and full of heroes and villains. And while the Avengers may be able to defeat the Big Bad in the end. Though we know, many of those villains are some of the most powerful creatures in the entire galaxy. Characters like Hela and Thanos are the only ones who command a tremendous amount of power and ability, but also have a vast army capable of defeating entire planets, and even the legendary Asgard falls into Hela’s immense power and army, the Goddess of Death.


Fans often like to imagine some villains or heroes against each other. Since Hela and Thanos are some of the most powerful creatures we have in the MCU, it makes sense to put these two villains in combat (ignoring the fact that they are lovers in some comics).
This article gives five reasons how Hela would defeat Thanos in a fight.

5) Superhuman Speed And Stamina


Some of Hela’s lesser-known but more essential powers are her speed and stamina. It was her speed that easily defeated Einherzar during Thor: Ragnarok, and this helped her easily withhold both Thor and Valkyrie in battle.
Hela’s speed, with her superhuman stamina, can be overpowering for Thanos, who is also an incredibly powerful creature.

4) Her Army


While Thanos’ army is certainly exceptional, there is something more terrifying about Hela. Her army, which is true to the title, Goddess of Death, is literally made up of the dead. In addition to the fallen soldiers, Hela also has a giant Asgardian wolf Fenris on her side.

If she can summon her army in battle with Thanos, there is no denying that she will prevail. Her undead forces and the giant wolf are definitely favourites to sink Mad Titan.

3) Conquered Asgard


In terms of action, Hela’s defeat of Asgard is certainly one of the most impressive in MCU to date. Upon her return, she overpowers both Thor and Loki before returning to Asgard, defeating the mythical civilization and making herself the ruler.

Defeating one of the most sophisticated and powerful civilizations in the galaxy surely enhances Hela’s reputation, showing that she is indeed the most powerful and most fearful.

2) Can Create Weapons


Her ability to create weapons helped her conquer Asgard and several other worlds and quickly defeat both Thor and Loki. Additionally, Hela can produce sharp, blade-like structures on the ground that are definitely useful for defeating Thanos.

1) Skilled Fighter


In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela is not only the most powerful character in the MCU, but she is also one of the most experienced and well-trained fighters in the MCU. She is more than capable of overthrowing Thor.
Since Thor has always been a match for Thanos in terms of strength and fighting ability, it stands to reason that Hela can also defeat the Mad Titan.

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