Attack on Titan: Anime ending to be different due to missing manga page?

Although the Shingeki no Kyojin manga has ended, work for Hajime Isayama and his editor, Shintaro Kawakubo, continues. In a recent live broadcast organized by Kodansha and dedicated to the latest installment of the work, the publisher confirmed a pending project before they can go to rest.

Currently, Isayama and Kawakubo are working on volume 34, the last of the manga and a detail revealed in this transmission announced that the ending printed in the compilation volume could be different from the one published on April 9 in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

For his end, the author asked for more space in the publication because he “wanted to draw a lot”. So the number of pages increased, although in the end they were not able to fill all of them due to lack of time.



“After discussing it, we decided that the last story – chapter 139 – would be 52 pages long, but it ended up being 51 pages. Since we couldn’t deliver it with one page less and Isayama didn’t have time to draw any more, I made the last page as a salute from the editorial team – with the approval of the author,” confessed Kawakubo.

And it is that volume 34 of the manga will have several new things and probably, that missing page will finally be filled with the idea that the author had. Kawakubo himself reported that Isayama could draw something else in the compiled version.

“There are some additions in volume 34, revisions and more. Isayama could add something that he could not draw,” added the editor, but also emphasized that this is an addition, which means adding or revising a description, and not changing the end itself.


Some things may be modified in the ending and even presented differently in the anime, but the conclusion will be essentially the same. Eren will get where he needs to go in the same way, albeit presented – possibly – with some differences.

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