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Thanos And MHA’s All Might Face-Off in Deadpool Manga


The Deadpool comic continues its epic crusade through the world of manga with the characters of My Hero Academia. And this time it fulfilled the dream of many fans by showing a battle between All Might and the imposing Thanos.

This “historic encounter” between characters occurred in chapter 10 of the Deadpool: Samurai manga published on the Shonen Jump + virtual magazine app, after Deadpool mistakenly called hero # 01 from Japan.

Understanding that an intergalactic threat stands in front of his sunken blue eyes, All Might agrees to cooperate with the mercenary to fight Thanos.

This is how the collaboration between the most powerful heroes of Japan and the United States (or so Deadpool dreams at least) began to stop the threat of the mad titan.

My Hero Acasdemia All Might vs.  Thanos

As an enemy that has easily defeated The Avengers, All Might resorts to his most powerful blow from the beginning: The United States of Smash.

And so (with an accurate blow and a stumble) the world of chimichangas and Japanese animation is once again safe thanks to All Might; , and of course, the mercenary who made possible the crossover between the masters characters (Deadpool), did not miss the opportunity to get the autograph of such a prestigious hero.

My Hero Acasdemia All Might vs.  Thanos

In addition to My Hero Academia, Deadpool: Samurai has made a name for himself by collaborating with different manga characters in his quest to defeat Thanos, and although All Might won this time, he is surely still alive and well somewhere in the world or multiverse.

You can read this chapter for free thanks to the Shonen Jump+ portal.

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