Eren’s Fate Foreshadowed in First Episode of Attack On Titan!

Creator Hajime Isayama recently wrapped up the almost twelve years running insanely popular manga series with its final 139th chapter. This ending, however, left fans with more questions than ever.

This was especially the case in the character of Eren Yeager who was the major focus as the last chapter tried to give meaning to many of Eren’s decisions in the final arc of the series.

One of these decisions was the one that ultimately resulted in his fate, and his fate in the ending is what was actually foreshadowed in the series’ very beginning.

What Scene of AOT Episode 1 Are We Talking About? 

If you’ve read Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan manga, you’d have some clue as to what we’re discussing. Isayama brought the story to an end by revealing what Eren’s true intentions and feelings have been all along, something many fans have been extremely curious about.

With the release of the final chapter, a lot of fans were left speechless when Eren died and was shown to be seemingly reborn as a bird.

After the finale of Attack on Titan manga was dropped on us, many fans went back to revisit the anime again. And they noticed something so incredible we’re all in permanent awe of Isayama’s utter brilliance.

As you can see in the pictures above, Attack on Titan’s first episode begins with a view of a few birds flying in the sky. This scene is immediately followed by a close-up of Eren as the bird’s reflection is visible on Eren’s eyes.

The birds in the first episode symbolize freedom and Eren looks at them with yearning as the birds fly free of the Titans beyond the walls. And now, Eren is finally free himself.

This was such a clever detail woven into the ending and fans are absolutely loving this little discovery. It just brings a whole new layer of meaning to the series and when it comes to Isayama’s masterpiece, isn’t that what we’re always trying to uncover?

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