Ava Eliot Jackman: Unknown Facts About Hugh Jackman’s Daughter

Hugh Jackman is a worldwide phenomenon, and his daughter Ava Eliot is taking her baby steps to step into the limelight.

As any girl-dad, Hugh Jackman is protective and is in awe of everything his daughter does.

Parents of Ava Eliot

Ava Eliot Jackman, the adoptive daughter of Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, was born in 2005.

As everyone would already know, Hugh Jackman is a big Hollywood star mostly known for his role of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise.

Deborra Lee is also an Australian actress, and both the stars met each other on the set of the Australian TV show, Correlli. Jackman and Furness married in the year 1996, one year after they met.

Deborra and Jackman tried creating a family for themselves and failed when they underwent two miscarriages. After that, they both decided to adopt. Thus, came Oscar and Ava.

Ava Eliot


Ava was born in 2005 and is of Mexican-German descent. She is the adoptive daughter of Jackman and Furness, who has an adoptive brother named Oscar.

Ava has been spending her time with her parents and is known to be roaming around with her dad often.

Ava Eliot likes dancing and has enrolled in ballet classes, which is banned for Hugh Jackman. Well, he attracted so much attention towards himself that the classes were more about Hugh than ballet.

So, Jackman, as of now, has been banned from entering the ballet classes of Ava.

Mixed Raced Kids

In many places, the problem many orphaned children face is the rejection of many couples because they are of mixed race.

Most couples prefer blond kids, while Jackman and Furness decided to break that stereotype and went for mixed-race kids sending down a strong message to parents worldwide.

With this, Jackman and Furness started prompting the need for mixed mixed-race adoption and how normal it is.

Superhero Dad

Ava Eliot has a superhero in real life, and it is her dad. Jackman, who plays the fan-favorite Wolverine on screen, is much more than that off-screen.

In 2016 Jackman and his family went for a beach vacation in their hometown in Australia. While playing in the water Oscar and Ava got caught in a heavy riptide in the sea.

Jackman, who rushed to save his son and pulled his daughter out of the tide, also made sure the others nearby came to the shore safely.

Ava Eliot, who is still in high school, may or may not follow her father’s path, but from what we know, she loves dancing and is good at it as her father.

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