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Attack On The Titan: The Beast Titan Explained


The beast Titan is one of the nine titans. It is 17 meters tall and is a little different compared to the other titans in. This Titan is currently used by Zeke Yeager, Eren’s stepbrother. It has a lot more abilities compared to other titans. Its capabilities have been seen firsthand in Attack on titan season 2 and 3. Here’s all the detail we know about the titan from the show.

Abilities of The Beast Titan


The beast titan has several powerful abilities and its destructive capabilities have been demonstrated against the scout regiment in the battle of Shiganshina District. A unique trait it has compared to other titans is the ability to communicate in human language while in titan form. No other titan can communicate with humans. It also has an ape-like appearance which makes it distinguishable from the other titans. All other titans(except Cart titan) have a more humanoid appearance.

Throwing arm

The beast titan has a powerful arm and can throw objects with deadly accuracy and speed. This ability is shown in season 3 of Attack on Titan when the titan throws boulders at the scout regiment causing massive losses to the scout regiment.

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Like the Female Titan and the beast titan also has the ability to harden its skin. During the battle against Levi Ackerman Zeke attempts to harden its skin but Levi closes in on him too soon. This gave Levi a chance to attack.


Like every other titan, he can also regenerate any of its body parts. It shares the same weak spot as the other titans i.e the nape(Back of the neck).

Command over other titans

The beast titan has the ability to command over other titans. However, it’s not effective as Eren’s Coordinate but its brief use has been seen in the invasion of the wall rose in season 2 of Attack on Titan and the uprising arc in season 3.

Appearances of Beast Titan

The beast titan first makes an appearance in year 850 during the titan invasion of wall Rose. We see its capability of human intellect and communication when It has a small conversation with a scout regiment soldier enquiring about the ODM gear and its use and then leaves the scene. Later it attempts to climb wall rose and attempts to kill the resting scout regiment soldiers. It then makes a small and brief retreat.

Battle of Shiganshina

In the uprising arc, we can see more involvement of the beast Titan with Zeke taking the command on the titans alongside armoured and the colossal Titan. We can see the titan using its deadly accuracy and commanding capabilities throughout the battle. Ultimately it was defeated by Levi Ackerman and Zeke escapes using aid from the cart titan.

Ervin Smiths suicide charge

Seeing the beast Titan in action Ervin Smith commander of the scout regiment devises a plan to defeat the Beast titan. He asked Levi to flank the Titan from the side with Ervin and the scout regiment acting as bait. Ervin then leads a gallant suicide charge as the beast titan throws boulder after boulder causing massive devastation to the remainder of the scout regiment. However, its accuracy was somewhat reduced owing to Erwin’s army using smoke flares. Despite the slight inaccuracy the beast titan still caused an annihilation on the scout regiment leaving almost no one alive.

Levi versus the Beast titan

While the Beast was wreaking havoc upon the scout regiment. The titan was flanked by Levi from the side and what followed was a swift and effective attack from Levi. He quickly chops off the Beast Titan’s arm and then temporarily blinds the titan. He then aims for the legs and then follows with a successive attack on the nape forcing Zeke out of his titan shell. However, Zeke is soon rescued by the cart titan and then retreats.

Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager currently uses the Beast Titan. Zeke Yeager is the son of Grisha Yeager and the stepbrother of Eren Yeager. He is an Eldian by birth and has the royal blood from his mother’s side. However, he soon betrays his family and then joins the Warrior side Unit of Marley soon after instead of spearheading the Eldian resistance like Grisha envisioned.


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