Black Clover Chapter 307 Release Date, Spoilers: Zenon’s Deal With Beelzebub Spells Trouble for Yuno

Fans were quite taken by the complete banger the previous chapter was as it delved into a whole backstory of Zenon. We also meet Allen who fans suspect is Asta’s father and people are even pointing out the similar parallel between them with Yuno and Asta’s story.

It’s not a stretch to say this latest chapter release was packed with really good content with all its backstory, reveals and Tabata giving such depth to a villainous character. The stakes are raised higher now and fans are excitedly speculating about possible backstories for the rest of the Dark Triad other than Zenon.

Anyway, let’s talk about the upcoming chapter and get down to some further interesting fan speculations. Read on!

Black Clover Chapter 307 Release Date 

Black Clover Chapter 307 is set to be released on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Recap of Black Clover Chapter 306


This chapter reveals how Zenon was bullied because of his bone magic which was considered strange. But a boy who is introduced to us as Allen shows up and saves him from the bullies with his fire magic and tells Zenon that there is nothing wrong with his magic and that it’s just a different type of magic.

Then they talk about the constant rebellions in the Spade Kingdom and Allen reveals his desire to become the Commander-in-chief of the Mage Defense force so that he can protect people and give them hope. Zenon replies that he wishes to become one too. Allen then quips back that this means they’re rivals.

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Flash forward in time, the duo are seen being accepted into the force and are quickly considered as formidable recruits, especially Zenon who is called a genius. This sets a strong parallel with Asta and Yuno where Yuno was also previously more praised during the elf saga.

When their division is called to investigate the appearance of a dungeon, the two soon realize that they’re facing a powerful opponent and as Zenon deals with the gravity of the situation and thinks about a plan, Allen charges ahead. Zenon yells at him immediately out of concern that he’d die but temptation takes over and he chooses power over his dear friend.


Knowing it’s the only chance for him to kill the devil, he sacrifices Allen and the last second panel shows a devastated Zenon crying desperately but on the same panel, the words read: “Overwhelming power is everything”. Tabata has really given us a masterful characterization and offers Zenon complexity and much depth.

We think after this, there’ll be many Zenon enthusiasts in the fandom because we’re all such suckers for nuanced villains with tragic backstories, right?

What Can We Expect from Black Clover Chapter 307? 


The next chapter will be quite the intense one since in the last panel of Chapter 306, we see Zenon making a deal with Beelzebub. He is already so powerful so this added boost will just make things very hard for Yuno and Langris.

Where to Read Black Clover Online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter on the websites Viz and Mangaplus.

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