Black Clover: Details About Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis is the host of the devil Lucifero and an antagonist that Black Clover fans will definitely not forget. However, there are still some deeper details about him and his life history that even avid fans may be surprised to find out. Let’s get into it without delay!

Dante Served in the Military

Dante became disillusioned with life in the Spade Kingdom and he decided to enlist for the military. His time as a soldier revealed his true nature. Military victories and even overthrowing royalty did nothing to satisfy him and he never seemed to feel any remorse for taking human lives.

He had a different appearance when he was a soldier. He looked more clean shaven with no sight of his familiar goatee and mustache. We also don’t see his forehead marking.

The More Power He Uses, the More Demonic He Becomes

Dante’s magic is Body Magic and the way he uses magic has an impact on his appearance. His magic transforms him and even makes his forehead marking become larger and later even mutates his teeth into fangs.

So the more devil power he exhibits, his appearance becomes more like a devil. At his ultimate use of devil magic, he looks ghastly with horns, extra arms, claws, four dark wings and a tail.

He Hides His True Evil Behind a Seemingly Tranquil Personality

He initially keeps up the appearance of a calm and easygoing person, rarely losing his cool. But in reality, he is a sociopath whose evil desire is to bring devils into the world.

However, the more demonic he becomes, he’s unable to keep up this facade, not only in his terrible appearance but also his composure. We can see this when he duels Asta and Yami.

His Regeneration Power Has Limits

We can see that Dante doesn’t like to use much of his regeneration power even when his body has the ability to regenerate. This is evident in his reaction when Asta causes a small cut.

This hints that his regeneration power might have its limits. We can clearly see this when Asta gives him a large scar on his chest which doesn’t go away despite his power, perhaps because of Asta’s anti-magic power.


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