Black Clover Chapter 309 Release Date and Spoilers


Black Clover Chapter 309 is set to release soon and many fans are damn excited to read the next chapter. This is extremely exciting and understandable since the previous chapter extensively covered the battle between Zenon and the two brothers. 

The battle is clearly in Zenon’s hands and for the protagonists, this is a sad outcome. However, like any Shonen manga, the protagonists might unlock their unlimited potential or work out some elaborately planned tricks to defeat Zenon. 

If you are interested to know more about Black Clover Chapter 309, please read further for we present you with the latest updates. 

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Black Clover Chapter 309 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released soon on the 17th of October 2021. After a two-week hiatus, the manga makes its return. 

Black-Clover: Zenon

Black Clover Chapter 308 Recap

Here’s a brief description of what had happened last chapter:

Langris and Yuno start raining their attacks on Zenon, who is unfazed. Finral believes Langris won’t last long, so the two set out to finish Supreme Devil Zenon with a single stroke. Zenon, who recently got A Heart of Devil after striking a pact with Devil Beelzebub, also assaults many bones. 

We witnessed Zenon evaluating Finral’s teleportation tactics and how fast they moved during the combat. Zenon also speaks to himself, as though he believes he can get through this. But this could be a trap for the two, as Zenon waited for them to use their signature move before delivering a devastating strike from his blind spot.

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Interestingly, it is also revealed when Langris used the Mana Method to speed up their movement. After calculating Langris magic, Finral, on the other hand, had other intentions in mind. However, after attacking Zenon, the two are taken aback to see him smiling. 


They appear to be underestimating Zenon’s defences, but they are not abandoning their strategy. Meanwhile, Yuno struggled to stand, indicating that Zenon had blasted him with final punches before facing Langris and Finral.

Zenon is on the front foot in the battle despite being outmanned by the two brothers he is fighting. Yuno, having been unconscious, is inquisitive as to what is happening. Yuno is struggling and he wants to find out where Zenon is. 

Judging by the dust swirling around Yuno surmised that the battle was heated. Finral and Langris are both defeated in the explosion. The former is dangling in the air with bones impaling his body while the latter is lying down. The manner of their loss is not revealed.

 Zenon’s astonishing statement about the all-effacing Spacial Magic is not enough to bring destruction to the Devil’s heart. With blood running down his body, Yuno lies dazed on the ground. Zenon has defeated all the three and the time for the final assault is there. 


Yuno becomes aware of his responsibility to save others but he has lost all heart. Yuno sits there brooding over his choices and the path to take. Meanwhile, Zenon is beaming with belief in his ability to end them all.

Yuno’s poignant ponderance over his dead companions and whether he joined the wrong Brigade is accompanied by his crying. What makes his predicament even more heartfelt is that his companions idolised him. His inability to protect them makes him question his own strength. 

Yuno wonders if this is the best he can do and be in spite of being the village’s hope. He was one of the selected few who were despised, trusted and accepted. Asta’s image flashes in his mind and raises his spirit for a brief moment. His enemy is still there and they both aim to be the Wizard King.

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