Boruto Episode 220 Release Date And Spoilers


Boruto will soon return with a fresh new episode, and it will be an especially tough one for the Seventh Hokage. In Episode 220, Naruto must come to a decision about whether he would be able to sacrifice his son Boruto who still remains a vessel for Momoshiki Otsusuki. If you’re curious about how the upcoming Episode 220 will unfold, continue reading this!

Boruto Episode 220 Release Date

As per schedule, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 220, titled Remaining Time, will be released this coming Sunday, on 17th October.

Recap of Boruto Episode 219


In Boruto Episode 219, titled Return, Boruto tried to use Karma to activate Space-Time Transportation so that he could return to hidden leaf village with Naruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki. However, he was unable to do it.

Kawaki questioned Boruto whether he was scared that Momoshiki would take over his body if he used Karma. Boruto was absolutely terrified and still not ready to use it. However, during his argument with Kawaki, his Karma got activated, and a portal opened so that they could return to the hidden leaf village.


What are Some Expectations for Boruto Episode 220? 

From the official trailer of Episode 220, we know that Naruto will be attending a meeting with the other leaders. Naruto has a difficult time in the meeting as the other leaders ask him if he will defeat his son, Boruto, since he is stilll a vessel for Momoshiki Otsutsuki.


Momoshiki has acquired Boruto’s consciousness a few times already. And it has become a point of important concern for the Konohagakure and other countries.

In many ways, Boruto is already 80 percent Otsusuki and there’s only very little time left before he completely transforms into an Otsusuki or maybe Momoshiki will revive. And if Momoshiki revives, he will feed Kawaki to 10 tails as sacrifice. So the question is will Naruto sacrifice his son?


In the meantime, there’s another danger approaching. Code deeply revered Isshiki Otsusuki, and he was devastated by the latter’s death. So he will definitely avenge his death, and it looks like Boruto and the others will have a difficult time ahead because Code is even more powerful than Isshiki Otsusuki himself.


Also, Code was revealed to be Isshiki’s “one and only successor”. However, due to his bad karma, he cannot be a vessel to Otsusuki. But, he still has its powers and can use them to fulfill Isshiki’s will.

Where to Watch Boruto Online? 

You can watch the hit anime on sites such as Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.


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