Black Clover Chapter 317 Release Date and Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 316

Lucifero has got defeated by the coordinated attack of Asta and Liebe as well as Ultra Giant Bull. Now, how many more enemies from the Spade Kingdom are left to annihilate? To get better answers, here’s everything you would want to know about Black Clover Chapter 317.

Black Clover Chapter 317 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 317 will get released on December 19, 2021. Every new chapter of Black Clover gets released every Sunday.

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Black Clover Chapter 316 Recap

The battle between the Black Bulls and the King of Supreme Devils is continuing with greater intensity and magnitude in Chapter 316 titled, “Slash of the Unchosen”. While Asta prepares to use the Demon Slayer to kill the Supreme Devls’ King, Magic Knights stationed right outside the castle stress over how the Gravity Magic is having negative implications on their bodies.


Asta climbs on top of the hill as he ponders over the next course of action. He watches the fight between the Bulls and the King. Nacht and Liebe decade to make a devil union to free Captain Yami and William.


The Black Bull members rely on Asta and Liebe, continuing to use many tactics to buy them time. Asta swears he will not fail the Black Bulls. As Asta wielded the Demon Slayer, Asta and Liebe begin to fuse.

They made the decision to prevent Lucifero from entering the human realm, which would aid in the rescue of Yami. Liebe and Asta became devils transforming into their Fourth Sword Demon Slasher form, which they feel, is the only way to defeat Lucifero.


But Asta and Liebe Demon Slasher slashed his sword using Devil Union: Fourth Sword in a single blow to end the fight. Asta swings the sword more than five times and then unleashes Demon Slasher Infinite Slash: Equinox, which slashes Lucifero in half from the head down.

Lucifero was given the final blow by the Ultra Giant Bull, who dealt some additional massive strikes. After absorbing those hard shots, Lucifero begins to tumble.

Fugeleona and Mereleona use Gravity Magic to weaken the Devils, then charge at them and burn them to ashes. Captain Yami and William are set free and begin to descend into the depths.



Nacht wants to catch Yami and Willaim have run out of magic. Asta discovers that the one strike helped them fight Lucifero, and he learns that Demon Slasher can cut anything and can pick what it can cut.

Black Clover Chapter 317 Spoilers

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter will be released around December 17, 2021, after which we’ll get some much-needed spoilers in advance.

Black Clover Chapter 317, titled “Change”, will have 15 pages. In the recently released raw scans, we see Yuno, along with Mimosa, wiping out the last remaining traces of Lucifero’s manifestation. Yuno and Asta are seen conversing with each other, the details of which aren’t clear yet.

Nacht is visibly stressed over something he can’t control whileYami gets back with the BBs and hugs them. The second highest-ranking Devil manifests and warns everyone to start running.


We see Lucifero manifesting and bringing total mayhem and destruction by using his Gravity Magic. By the time Asta returns, we see that everything has been destroyed irreparably. Lucifero sneaks up behind him and continues to taunt him.

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We can read these latest chapters from Viz Media and MangaPlus. On Viz, the three latest chapters are free and that’s a great thing!


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