Tower of God Chapter 522 Release Date and Spoilers

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With a party consisting of two traitor brothers, an alligator, a former slayer, and another independent traitor, Tower of God Chapter 522 seems quite interesting. Not to mention, they’re marching forward to rescue Jinsung from the suspendum. The whole setup is pretty enticing and exciting as well.

For the fans asking questions regarding the details of the next chapter, you have come to the right place. Scroll down and you will find everything you need to get ready for the next chapter.

Tower of God Chapter 522 Release Date:

Tower of God Chapter 522 is all set to release on December 19, 2021. Every new chapter of the manhwa gets released weekly, on Sundays.

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A Recap of Tower of God Chapter 521:

The chapter begins with a backstory of Vicente and Hoaqin. Moreover, the purpose of it was to establish how White knew some spells and used them to save himself. It was all thanks to Vicente and Hoaqin’s thirst for more power that he was able to wield it. As we see in the next panel, it looks like a New White has taken over the Old White’s persona.

hoaqin and vincent tower of god

Not to mention, his hair also got smaller and we saw a drastic change in his personality. Witnessing the calm and playful New White in mid-air, Rak and Khun are thrown into a bit of agitation and confusion. But, the New White tauntingly says that he isn’t here to hurt them as he’s not the Old White. 

While the two parties are having the conversation of their life, Asensio descends out of nowhere. Khun is quite surprised to see him as his brother needed to catch the mouse to come out. And he did, he caught the mouse, however, the means to reach his goal was quite funny.


Asensio’s ridiculous plan to escape was to capture the mouse boy and he’d be out in no time. After a bit of resistance, the mouse boy gave up as he had some hard feelings against Yasratcha too. In all, the older brother was able to escape almost effortlessly. 

A Sweet Exit:

Asensio also witnesses White in mid-air and instantaneously recognizes that there’ve been some physical changes in his body. Still, it doesn’t matter as he thinks he can defeat White easily. After some time, the New White finally confirms that he isn’t here to fight in a serious tone. 

asensio tower of god

But why should Khun and Rak believe him? To that, the New White says that it won’t be easy for Old White to come out. The reason being his mind is weak; thus, easy to control and besides, the participants don’t have much time either. After some thinking, Khun decides that they’ll stop fighting and move towards the finish line. 


And it turns out that everyone is following him to the finish line. It seems a bit fishy but the fact that he’s still alive makes him a bit comfortable. All of them teleport and Hwaryun is there to greet them. Without wasting much time, they move on to rescue Jinsung Ha. 

What Can You Expect From The Next Chapter?

We will see Hwaryun and co. trying to rescue Jinsung who is in a very critical situation right now. Additionally, we will also get to see how Baam gets back up from the ferocious battle he had earlier.

Also, let’s not forget Jinsung worrying for Baam because Maschenny is there. I wonder what exactly is her request for the group? Or is he perhaps referring to some else? We need to wait for Tower of God Chapter 522 for a while to find out the answers.


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Where To Read It?

You can read the latest chapters of the hit manhwa from Webtoon and Kaminotou.

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