Bleach: 5 Facts About Zanpakuto You Didn’t Know Before

Every Bleach Fan knows that a Shinigami’s weapon is the Zanpakuto. Without it, a Shinigami can’t perform the necessary duty of pacifying Hollows and ensuring the soul balance. However, even other non-Shinigamis like the Visoreds and the Arrancar wield their Zanpakuto as the preferred weapon.

Also, without Zanpakuto, Bleach wouldn’t be as engaging and thrilling as there’d be no dramatic release of Bankai and Shikai. Without these releases of Bankai and Shikai, the Bleach anime would lose a chunk of its appeal and engagement. 

Despite its ubiquity in the anime, there has been an unfortunate ignorance about many aspects of Zanpakuto. That’s why we’ve compiled some facts about Zanpakuto that we feel every Bleach Fan should know!

  1. Low-Ranking Shinigami’s Zanpakuto

Many Shinigami of low rank and strength wield Zanpakuto that don’t have names yet and thus, are known by a different name: Asauchi. However, the ones that higher-ranked Shinigami wield have their own names.

2. Shape and Abilities of a Zanpakuto

All Zanpakuto have their own unique personalities, that are quite similar to their Shinigami owner. Thus, even its shape and abilities depend on the soul of a Shinigami.

For a Shinigami to become stronger, they need to be in tune with his Zanpakuto and have proper communication. Before this, the Shinigami need to know the name of their Zanpakuto. 

Wabisuke, Izuru Kira’s Zanpakuto

The relationship between a Shinigami and their Zanpakuto is very strong and intimate. Every Shinigami fights battles using their Zanpakuto to show the conviction of their principles. Their lives begin and end with their Shinigami owner.

3. The Creator of The Zanpakuto, Oetsū Namaiya

Oetsū Namaiya created the Zanpakuto, for which he’s called “The God of the Sword”. He was responsible for forging every Zanpakuto wielded by every Shinigami in Soul Society. 

Since he forged every Asauchi being used in Soul Society, he knows where every Zanpakuto is, regardless of who the owner is. 

Oetsu Namaiya, a Royal Guard Member

4. It can’t be replaced

A Shinigami can’t get a new Zanpakuto even if it’s broken or damaged. This is due to the fact that it constitutes a crucial part of a Shinigami’s soul and being. 

However, if it is broken, it will heal itself, given enough time and the Shinigami’s willpower. This applies only to the Shikai stage. If a Bankai is broken, there is no way to bring it back to its real form. 

5. They are independent beings with their own mind

These Zanpakuto shouldn’t be thought of as slaves of the Shinigami. They can exercise their own agency and are capable of thinking for themselves. This is proven by the fact that it can determine if its wielder is worthy of it.

Renji Abarai’s Zabimaru gave him a different Bankai name because he didn’t believe that he was capable enough. 

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