Bleach: Everything You Need To Know About Visoreds?

The Visored are a group of Shinigami who were expelled from Soul Society for illegally getting Hollow powers. Though this wasn’t their fault and it was Sosuke Aizen’s fault, the entire Gotei 13 was clueless about his facade. They harbor a grudge against the Gotei 13 for this humiliating act and wish to stop Aizen from getting his way. 

Including Ichigo, the Visored number around 9 people whose spiritual powers and fighting prowess are captain-level. This Visored group was composed of Shinigami holding high posts in the Gotei 13 until they became victims of Aizen’s hollowfication experiments. 

Visored Group coming to fight Sosuke Aizen

Let’s explore what role the Visored play in the entire Bleach universe and important arcs like the Fake Karakura Town Arc

Who are the Visored?

The Visored can sport Hollow masks for varying levels of time. Hiyori can wear it for five minutes at max. Activating this power gives them immense strength, endurance, and speed. They can even shoot Ceros with vast levels of destructive power. 

For example, Shinji‘s Cero was devastating enough to overpower a captain-level Espada like Grimmjow. However, it’s possible that not all Visored can shoot Ceros because it’s not been shown.


The names of the Visored are:

  • Shinji Hirako – ex-Captain of the Fifth Squad (later reinstated)
  • Hiyori Sarugaki- ex-lieutenant of the 12th Division
  • Lisa Yadomaru – ex-lieutenant of the 8th Division (later Captain)
  • Mashiro Kuna – ex-lieutenant of the 9th Division (later “Super Lieutenant” of same Division)
  • Love Aikawa – ex-Captain of the 7th Division
  • Rose Otoribashi – ex-Captain of the 3rd Division (later reinstated)
  • Kensei Muguruma – ex-Captain of the 9th Division (later reinstated)
  • Hachigen Ushōda – ex-lieutenant of the Kido Corps

History of the Visored

Almost a century before the storyline, there was a mysterious case of the disappearances of many people in Rukongai. The bodies of these people were never found, leaving behind only their clothing. Even the groups sent to investigate mysteriously disappeared. 

That’s why it became furthermore scary when Kensei Muguruma with his lieutenant and subordinates including Tosen disappeared. Their spiritual pressure (called reiatsu) disappeared entirely, which made Yamamoto choose a special group of Captains and lieutenants to investigate.

Shinji Hirako defending Hollowfied Hiyori from Tosen

When the elite group reached the scene, they found Kensei and Mashiro already turning into Hollows. After some time, they couldn’t sense each other as Tosen released his Bankai and easily cut them down. Shinji was the only one left conscious and discovered Tosen. 

Before he could even question Tosen about his reasons for betrayal, Aizen and Gin (3rd seat then) appeared. Tosen was then instructed to cut down Hiyori, but Shinji decided to put up a fight. He could do this, despite undergoing Hollowfication. Because of his Hollowfication, he was almost about to be cut down by Aizen before Kisuke Urahara arrived with Tessai. 

Hollowfied Shinji

Urahara was later accused of conducting Hollowfication experiments, after which he was saved by Yoruichi. He then devised a method of allowing the Visored to become normal again and gain control of their Hollow powers.

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