Bleach: The Strong Friendship Between Komamura and Tosen

Sajin Komamura and Kaname Tosen shared a strong bond due to their belief in justice and order of the Soul Society. Both of them strongly found solace in each other’s company as both were from marginalized backgrounds. Tosen was born with no eyesight while Komamura was an anthropomorphic wolf-human.


However, Tosen’s betrayal left a huge vacuum in his heart and made him question his sense of identity and personal self. After Tosen left, he decided to stop wearing the wooden helmet and stop hiding his wolf-like appearance. Then, he vowed to open Kaname Tosen’s eyes to the depravity of Aizen’s plans.

Now, let’s take a dive into the relationship between the two ex-captains of the Bleach Anime Universe.


History of the Friendship Between Komamura and Tosen

Komamura ran away from his home because he was tired of living in the shadows. Before he joined the Gotei 13, he was sitting in some open field when he met Tosen. Tosen, being blind, was speaking to him in the wrong direction, until Komamura called him from behind.


This made Tosen compliment him on being able to hide his presence very well. This small social exchange deeply touched Komamura’s heart as he wasn’t socially ostracised just for his appearance. After they got inducted into the Gotei 13, they met again fatefully, which kickstarted their friendship.


Battle Between Komamura and Tosen in the Fake Karakura Town Arc

Komamura and Tosen had an emotional and physically exciting battle during the Fake Karakura Town Arc. Though both were equally matched in terms of skills and powers, Tosen’s newfound powers completely tilted the scale. Tosen became a Hollow, gained vision for the first time, and his powers quadrupled by great amounts.

Kaname Tosen fighting Komamura

After his vision got restored, he rudely remarked that Komamura is indeed hideous. Tosen was ruthless in his attacks against his former friend. He fired Ceros at Komamura’s Bankai giant form, which hurt him gravely. During the battle, Komamura remarked that he noticed that Tosen never talked about loving the world when they were in Soul Society.


He merely talked about how much his friend loved the world. After hollowfied Tosen was almost about to finish Komamura off, luckily Shuhei Hisagi came to the rescue. Formerly Tosen’s subordinate, he stabbed Tosen in his head and released the Shikai state of his Zanpakutou.


Hisagi commented that Tosen’s new sight had made him blind and that the previous Tosen would’ve easily dodged that attack. This was the irony of seeking new powers, the greed of which eventually corrupts oneself.




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