Will The White Vision Remember Wanda?


To be frank, not only some but many thought that Hayward is too shady. And as we expected, he turned out to be an even bigger jerk.

Hayward’s Secret


A lot of things will be unveiled in the next episode, and we know that nothing we guess will be true. But one thing we know without a doubt is that White Vision might be or probably is Cataract.

We see Jimmy Woo find that when Hayward’s computer was hacked, but we had no idea what it was about.

Now, the 8th episode of WandaVision gives us a clue about Cataract and how the White Vision will work.

White Vision

By the end of the episode, we are sure that Wanda had nothing to with the Vision from the SWORD HQ and that the one inside the bubble was probably created by her counterpart Scarlet Witch.

Now comes the massive question, will he remember Wanda?

See, we know Hayward is many things, but he is definitely no fool. So, there are chances that he got White Vision’s mind cleared.

Mind Stone


We thought that Wanda and Pietro got their powers from the Mind Stone, but we were confused about that fact’s authenticity.

Now, with Agatha walking through memory lane, we found out that Wanda had her powers from the start, and that’s how she even stopped the bomb from blasting.

After Hayward set camp with the new and protected West View hex bubble, which is powered kinda by the Mind Stone, he finally got to revive the White Vision.

Will he remember his past?


Now, the point with the White Vision is, we don’t know how powerful he is or if he will just follow Hayward’s command or try to think about the betterment of tomorrow.

As of now, we have been told that Wanda didn’t create the bubble on purpose, and Agatha was just there because she was curious about how Wanda could do so much.

Agatha and Wanda have enough power to take down White Vision as far as we know. But we have no idea what all that Hayward jerk has been up to.

We also know that Wanda Maximoff is gearing to fight in the last episode now. As far as we know, it doesn’t look like it’s against Agatha.

There are many chances that it is against the White Vision, and there are chances that we might lose the original Vision for good by the end of the 9th episode.

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