Bleach: Shinji Hirako and His Abilities Explained!

Shinji Hirako is the captain of the fifth squad, under whom the antagonist Sosuke Aizen worked as a lieutenant. He also functions as the leader of the Visards or Visoreds a group of captain-level Shinigami who got Hollow powers. This happened due to the cruel Hollow experiments being conducted by Sosuke Aizen, Kaname Tosen, and Gin Ichimaru. 

Initially, Shinji Hirako seemed like he would be an antagonist with his mysterious smile and behavior with Ichigo. However, slowly, his goofy and childish side is shown as he continuously gets beaten up by Hiyori Sarugaki. Regardless, he is the strongest member of the Visards and he has amazing swordsmanship skills, in addition to his hollow powers. 

Shinji Hirako in his Captain outfit

Shinji’s Zanpakutou: Sakanade

Shinji Hirako has an illusion-based Zanpakutou called Sakanade. His Shikai release command is “Collapse, Sakanade”, which transforms his Zanpakutou into one with five holes along the blade. Also, the pommel transforms into a big hole, from the center of which Shinji can control without actually touching the Zanpakutou physically.

His Shikai state releases a pink mist, which if inhaled by the opponent, allows Shinji to create an upside-down world. His opponent will have a distorted sense of reality. For example, the sense of direction, direction of incoming attacks, opponent’s eyesight, and even injuries are drastically distorted. This makes the opponent disoriented as they realize the impossibility of dodging his attacks.

Abilities of Shinji Hirako’s Zanpakutou, Sakanade

Hollow Powers

Shinji Hirako can get Hollow powers by manifesting a Hollow mask. His Hollow mask resembles that of a Pharaoh’s mask and hood falling down his neck’s back. After he manifests that mask, he gets incredibly strong and can move at amazing speed. 

He developed so much strength and endurance that he was able to even overpower the sixth Espada, Grimmjow. He can shoot Ceros, which have an impressively wide range and incredible destructive force. 


Shinji Hirako has incredible swordsmanship skills, proven by his ability to fight at the same level as that of Ichigo and Grimmjow. Even during the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, he was able to fight off Kaname Tosen while being partially hollowfied. 


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