Boruto Anime To Strictly Follow Manga Adaptations From Episode 193


Fans of Naruto and Boruto have been having too much fun lately, with the anime getting a lot interesting since Kawaki‘s introduction.

Did The Boruto Anime Do good?

Well, we have to hand it to them, the anime actually did well for the last few episodes, and the fans have been hyped.

With the anime giving fans better explanations on things that happened later in the manga, we were, to be honest, quite impressed.

In fact, many who just stuck to manga all this while have actually started watching the anime to get a better understanding of things.


Surpassed Naruto Anime?

Well, hold your horses. What we mean to say is, many think that the Boruto anime fillers have actually topped the Naruto anime fillers.

It kinda makes sense since many of the fillers in Boruto anime, after the few bad ones, have been helpful to the main arc.

After Kawaki being teased for a long time, he finally made his debut in the anime. Even before all the fuss, some fillers about Mugino and stuff made more sense than manga did.

The New and Improved Anime?

From Kawaki’s past being explained more tragically and elaborately, the anime went all out. It took upon itself to give a good story, and it did.

Even the meeting of Naruto and Kawaki was different in the anime than the manga. While many prefer the manga version here alone, some still liked the anime version better.

But there were talks that the anime took out the scene’s main essence by choosing to make Naruto and Kawaki meet this way.

Back To The Roots

We would have no idea if it were because of this recent bombing or something else. Still, screenwriter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime, Honda Masaya, says that the anime will back to its roots.

Now that Kawaki has adequately been introduced, the writers seem to go back to the roots and make sure that they get the same experience as the manga readers got.

So, from episode 193, the anime will go back to the exact manga adaptation.

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