Naruto: Things Fans Who Skipped Boruto Must Know!


While I have no idea how a person can stop watching Naruto after Shippuden ended, some quit because they weren’t interested in Boruto anymore.

A glimpse of the future

So this article will give you some very few glimpses of how the life of the World’s First Knuckle-headed Ninja turned out to be.

Somehow Naruto understood that Hinata loved him very dearly, and he ends up marrying her, and they both have two wonderful and powerful children.

Imagine Naruto’s genes mixed with the power of Hyūga Clan’s Byakugan???

A prodigy in the making


While his daughter, who isn’t yet enrolled in the academy, had the power to Knockout her father in a single blow, his son may not be equal to Naruto but is a prodigy in the making.

Naruto has the family now that he always wanted, and as expected, he did become the Hokage. He loves his village and has put his life on the line so often that we lost count.

Even though Boruto doesn’t revolve around Naruto, it helps when you are fine at watching anything related to Hidden Leaf.

Prosthetic Arms


After Sasuke and Naruto’s final battle, they both lost their arms and were given prosthetic arms by the scientists of Hidden Leaf. So, Naruto in the series now has one prosthetic arm.

Naruto also has been growing in power way more than ever. He caused severe damage to the moon while he fought the enemy who had kidnapped Hinata. Well, he did that with just one punch.

Also, he missed his Hokage ceremony because his daughter knocked him out while she awakened her Byakugan.

Naruto also went on to unlock another more powerful mode called Baryon Mode, which could kill anyone if Naruto made even the slightest contact with them.

The names with Otsutsuki keep popping now and then again and again for one thing or the other. But Naruto kept becoming stronger and has stopped Toneri Otsutsuki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

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