Here’s Kawaki’s First Mistake According To The Boruto Anime


All we saw all this while about Kawaki was that he was a helpless kid who was sold by his father. But this last episode of Boruto anime showed us otherwise.

Kawaki’ Tragic Past

Ever since we saw Kawaki in the anime, we have been shown glimpses of his past. Up until now, we thought that Jigen brought Kawaki in a bar, but the recent episode showed a much tragic story.

We thought that Kawaki was only tortured by Jigen, and all his father did was just sell him. But the truth is that his father sold him because he got more money to drink.

His father sold a small child to an unknown stranger so that he could enjoy drinking. Kawaki did everything he could to give his father drinking money, but still, it wasn’t enough.

Heart-Wrenching Flashback

Even though we thought Kawaki was rude to Sumire, we had to admit that he is still a good kid. No matter how bad his childhood was, even after becoming the weapon for Kara, it didn’t change Kawaki on the inside.

The last meeting, he had with Naruto was proof of that. The way he changed his attack’s course when he saw a kid and how he took care of the dog was just a glimpse to show us that Kawaki wasn’t affected by Kara’s evilness.


The First Terrible Mistake of Kawaki

There are probably more mistakes Kawaki did later in life and would be doing in the future, but the one thing he could’ve avoided was saying with his father.

Kawaki had an abusive father, and no matter what he did, Kawaki ran back to him. It is normal, given that he was a kid, but Kawaki should’ve at least let the bullies tell nonsense and run.

Even when the Gold Fish guy asked Kawaki, he could’ve just chosen to go with him. Kawaki choosing to stay back shows how kind-hearted he is. He is basically like Itachi when you see him in this angle.

But, things didn’t go well. If Kawaki had listened to that Gold Fish guy, that guy would’ve also lived. But we find out he is also into human trafficking so, it’s basically devil and the blue sea for Kawaki.

But still, Kawaki would’ve gotten a better future than the one he got with Jigen.

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