Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime Confirms That Amado Is Still A Villain

Amado; Boruto

A lot of things change for the better from here on out. And one of the most expected ones is Kawaki taking center stage in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

The Best Part Of Boruto!

With the anime set in the best and juicy part now, fans are getting relentless to see more and more.

With Kawaki finally being introduced and Boruto’s mark going out of control often, we are now in the prime part of the Vessel arc.

The manga has gone way past these scenes, and no matter how you put it, watching it in anime is the best feeling you could get as a fan.

Kawaki on The Run


With Kawaki now on the run from the lab and Naruto on his way, there are chances that he gets caught soon since he is actually leaving blood trial.

One thing the current manga readers are talking about is how Amado is still unsettled after Isshiki has been taken down.

According to the manga, now Amado is friends with Naruto and the gang and has shown that he has been trying to bring down Kara from within.

Amado – The Villain?

But in the recent episode, when Sumire listens in on Amado talking to himself doesn’t look like he is that good a guy. But we weren’t sure what to think of it.

Thanks to the anime, we might actually know that Amado is up to something even though it is way behind the manga story.


In the flashback scene in the anime, Amado is seen celebrating Kawaki’s win, and we know he is too excited to see the Karma mark work. For someone who wants Kara to fail, that is seriously too much enthusiasm.

But it doesn’t stop with that. He deliberately left out the detail that Koji Kashin could die if he goes against Isshiki.

This goes to prove that he has some ulterior motive all along, and the way that he is excited about Kawaki shows that the plan may involve Kawaki.

There are chances that he wanted Isshiki out of the way along with Naruto and Sasuke and wanted only Kawaki to return. No matter how we put it, he is up to something, and Naruto and Co are being fooled.

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