The Witcher Season 2 Crew Celebrate the Second Year of Filming

The Witcher series had more problems in production in 2020 than any other series. Yes, every production was shut down, but only the Witcher faced troubles again and again even after that.

Unfortunate Incidents at the Witcher set

After a series of shutdowns, The Witcher crew decided to carry on after their star was injured on set. They left Henry Cavill and shot the scenes without him as there was no way they could suffer another delay.

Even after taking those steps, the schedule, which was supposed to end by February, has been shifted to March. The Witcher, which streamed on 2019 its first season, couldn’t keep up the second season’s schedule.

When will it release?

The first season was released in December 2019, so fans thought they would get their second season the next December, but the pandemic had other plans.

But even before that, Lauren, the showrunner of the show, said that the second season would be coming out, most probably in 2021. But unfortunately, now some reports suggest that it might be 2022.

Post-Production Delay

The Witcher: Blood Origin

Big shows like The Witcher, particularly the sci-fi part, need a lot of post-production work.

So, even if the shooting is done by March, there is a higher probability that the post-production work is not finished by December. The crew is even filming on Saturdays now to keep up, and that just shows their dedication.

Now the first season took six months for post-production work. Even if that’s the case for this season, it would be a close call.

If they could hurry up everything and finish the shooting on the now prepared schedule, we may get it at the end of December or in Jan 2022.

Optimistic Showrunner

Normally, things like these are supposed to cause a lot of trouble and lower the spirits of the crew member, but Lauren S Hissrich, the showrunner, is very optimistic about the show.

Hissrich took to her Twitter account to share a set photo, which was breathtakingly beautiful, and captioned it with even more beautiful words. The showrunner considers her lucky and is happy as season two’s production heads into its second year.

The Witcher second season started filming last February before the pandemic put a halt to it. The showrunner has nothing but gratitude for the show and how things are going. Well, that’s nice that she is optimistic.

Now, Hissrich, please do everything you can and bring us the second season soon, please. That way, we can be the luckiest fans in the world too!

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