Rock Lee V/S Sasuke: The Chūnin exams


In the popular manga, Naruto, we see ninjas coming from different villages like ‘The Village Of Sand’ to appear for the Chūnin exams. It’s an opportunity for the Genins (junior ninjas) to become Chūnins.

In the initial episodes, we were introduced to Rock Lee from The Village of Konohagakure. Rock Lee as a child was born with the inability to perform Ninjutsu as he had no or negligible Chakra. This fact had him heartbroken since he dreamt of becoming a splendid shinobi.

How did Rock Lee overpower Sasuke despite his inability?


To his fortune, he found Might Guy as a leader who was similar to him. He joined Team Guy and learned Taijutsu with brilliant training and perseverance.

Rock Lee even skipped the first Chūnin exam to master his skills. He added strength to Team 9 with his skills.

Despite his mastery, we don’t see him defeating Sasuke. Right?

However, before the exam, Rock Lee challenges Sasuke and showcased his style of Jutsu that left everyone in shock. Unexpectedly, we see Sasuke helpless and unable to use his Sharingan against him. Sasuke’s Sharingan allowed him to predict Rock Lee’s moves, but he was faster than he could imagine.

And, thus we witness Sasuke losing to Rock Lee despite his inabilities.


Kakashi V/S Might Guy

Rock Lee’s sensei, Might Guy, also claimed to be powerful than the elite Ninja sensei Kakashi. And as the story proceeds, we continue to witness their little banter. In the entire series, his strength and speed are nearly unmatched. 

Kakashi admits that in some respects, Guy is strong than him. He builds his tactics around defeating Kakashi, and it’s better for his taijutsu. Kakashi’s not a taijutsu scrub, but one of the best is Guy.

Might Guy and Kakashi had a rivalry similar to that of Sasuke and Naruto. They both were aware of the opponent’s abilities and skill and always pushed each other to become better.

This manga leaves us wanting more of such plotlines, and we can’t wait for more!

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