Controversial Eldian Armband Merch (Attack on Titan) Removed After Backlash


One of the most heartbreaking aspects of Attack on Titan was the discrimination faced by Eldians in Marleyan Territory. All of them were forced to live in ghettoes like Liberio Internment Zone. 

The Eldians in Marley were required to wear an armband that identified them as a group of people to be harassed and denied of basic human dignity. Wearers of this band were not permitted to travel outside of restricted locations and were treated as though they were animals.

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Eldian armbands were first featured as merchandise for Attack on Titan’s forthcoming final season on the official website. In response, many fans and netizens were outraged over the insensitive nature of how they blatantly commercialized a symbol and object that represented the collective pain of the Eldians.

Eldian Armband Merch

The production committee came to the decision, rightly so, to withdraw the goods off the internet following a tough outrage on social media. Pre-orders had already begun to be accepted on the website, but they have already been cancelled. 

The production committee for “Attack on Titan” apologised for their actions and indicated that they didn’t mean to perpetuate any prejudice.

Attack on Titan Key Visual
Season 4 Part 2

However, some fans were cautious and questioned if the outrage was uncalled for. According to their reasoning, the entire plot of Attack on Titan was mere fiction. 

However, this line of reasoning becomes very flawed and breaks down when you look back to major historical events that have shaped our world today and realize the chilling similarity to some traumatic events in world history. 

The Jewish Genocide and The Yellow Star Badge

The armband also served as a stark reminder of the Yellow Star emblem that Jews were forced to wear throughout their times in forced imprisonment in inhumane concentration camps. The Eldian wristband might seem like a fictitious element at the first glance, but the symbolism it reflects is not. Instead, it is humanity’s most reviled fact which shouldn’t be encouraged in any way.

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