Bleach Final Arc Details To Be Released in December

When Will The Bleach: Final Arc Release?

Bleach has announced that the first details of the next Thousand-Year Blood War arc will be revealed very soon! There have been quite a lot of exciting updates about the Bleach series. In August 2021, the series returned for a brand new chapter from original series creator Tite Kubo that explored some sideplots that provided the entire storyline with greater depth. 

Moreover, it had a successful unique art exhibition launched in Japan. The series’ biggest and highly awaited comeback, i.e. Bleach Season 17, is still yet to be launched.

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After a lot of impatient waiting from the fans, we got some updates this year that the new season will get released in 2022. However, a recent update released by Funimation supplied many fans with some juicy details about a lot more exciting details to be released soon! 

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of Bleach getting released on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, it was announced that Bleach’s anime will be produced to fully adapt the Bleach final arc, the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. There have been no official details regarding the latest season of the series since its announcement besides the plausible release periods. 

Aniplex has stated that the first genuine facts about Bleach’s upcoming anime will be revealed during a special presentation at Jump Festa 2022 next month in Japan. Bleach’s official Twitter account announced that the series will have a special panel on December 18th at 18:00 (JST) / 01:00 (PT) as part of Jump Festa 2022.

When Will The Bleach: Final Arc Release?

This news gives many fans some amount of solace since many details about the production are still obscure. The production studio, crew, and prospective returning cast and staff members for the new season have yet to be announced. Because this will be the first opportunity for first details, we might get an official release window (or even a date) as part of the presentation.

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