Darkest Manga Series Of All Time That Will Make You A Nihilist

Darkest Manga Series Of All Time That Will Make You A Nihilist

Here is everything you need to know about the darkest manga series of all time.

BerserkBerserk: Darkest Manga Series Of All Time That Will Make You A Nihilist

Written by late author Kentaro Miura, Berserk follows the story of a stoic swordsman wandering through a world teeming with evil forces. Berserk explores a wide variety of adult themes. During the exploration of human depravity leaves no stone unturned. Guts fend off friends, foes, and supernatural forces on his journey, including five of the most heinous characters in manga history — the God Hand.

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Fire PunchFire Punch: Darkest Manga Series Of All Time That Will Make You A Nihilist

Fire Punch’s main character, Agni, might resemble a slew of other superhero manga protagonists. He and his journey couldn’t deviate more from the genre’s norms. Tatsuki Fujimoto, the series’ author, pushes Fire Punch’s commentary as far as he can, resulting in a fourth-wall-breaking, ultra-violent story centered on the never-ending pain of its main character.

Born in a dystopian world where individuals are randomly born with superhumans. Agni benefits from one of the most powerful gifts in the series. Unfortunately, he is lit on fire by a never-ending flame as a child. Resulting in the constant, excruciating struggle to survive that typifies his character.


Naoki Urasaw have written and illustrated Monster was first released in 1994, and since then, it has become known as one of the most engaging psychological thrillers in manga history. Kenzo Tenma, Monster‘s protagonist, works as a neurosurgeon in Germany when the series begins.

After he is forced to choose between the lives of two different patients, a series of mysterious deaths begin occurring around him. In an effort to prove himself innocent of these murders, Tenma begins down a winding path he hopes will uncover the identity of the killer.

Dead TubeDead Tube

Tomohiro Machiya is forced to film his school’s idol as she kills her boyfriend. This sets in motion a chaotic series of events that explore the dark underbelly of cinema culture.

Thanks to its seinen classification, Dead Tube is free to depict the graphic murders of its demented characters. They slowly push the boundaries of their films, resulting in crueler and crueler circumstances for their victims.

Death NoteDeath Note

Very few series in anime and manga history have reached the same level of popularity as Death Note. Light Yagami, Ryuk, and the series’ stellar cast of supporting characters are all enthralling, and their use of the Death Note is the murderous tool that provides the thrust of the narrative.

Given Light Yagami’s primary tool in the series is mass murder, Death Note delves into some incredibly dark themes. This, coupled with Ryuk and the other Shinigami’s desire to sew discord and misery throughout the human world.

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