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10 Darkest Facts About The Naruto Universe


Naruto is one of the most recognized manga and anime series in the world. Subsequently, it is written and illustrated by the famed Masashi Kishimoto.

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Naruto’s darkest moments

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1. Itachi tortures his younger brother

Itachi Uchiha used his power to mentally torture Sasuke for hours. He makes the younger Uchiha relive the night he killed their family and clan over and over.

2. Naruto’s traumatic childhood

Naruto’s parents died on the day he was born. In addition, he was disliked by the people in the village. Hence, he was brought up in a lonely environment and was mostly ignored by everyone.


3. Kakashi kills Rin

Kakashi has one of the saddest backstories. In addition to this, he was once forced to kill his close friend, Rin.

When Rin was captured by the enemies they turned her into a weapon. Additionally, in order to save the village she impaled herself on Kakashi’s Chidori.

4. Shisui loses his eye

Danzo stealing the right eye of Shisui is seemingly one of the darkest moments in the Naruto series. He does this to attain Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

5. Naruto’s war scenes are inspired by real events

Naruto’s famed writer Masashi Kishimoto used the stories told by his grandfather during WW2 as a reference to create the action sequences in the manga series.

6. Dead people were raised

Kabuto used Edo Tensei to revive the dead bodies of many great ninjas during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

7. The Chunin Exams are deadly

When they were teenagers Naruto and his companions were sent to the Forest of Death.  Furthermore, it is filled with formidable creatures like giant centipedes and giant leeches.


8. Akutsuki members might not be human

Several members of the Akutsuki organization have characteristics that give them an inhuman vibe. For instance, Itachi’s red eyes and Kisame’s shark-like teeth.

9. An invincible villain

Naruto’s antagonist Madara was initially created to be unbeatable which is quite disturbing. However, he met his ultimate fate after an intensively long battle.

10. Jiraiya’s Death

Jiraiya was killed at the hand of his former student, Pain. Moreover, Pain used the techniques taught by the Konoha’s Sannin to end his life.

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