Deer Found With an Arrow through His Head – Alive and Safe


The white-tailed buck belonging to North Ontario, Canada, is a deer named Carrot. He is an extraordinary and friendly deer who has garnered global compassion because he had an arrow through his head. And to our amazement, he is still alive.

Carrot attracted so much attention because he was sound even after he got an arrow across his head. Due to this miracle, he is called Carrot- The Magic Deer.



Lee-Anne Carver, a wildlife photographer, has known Carrot for three years. According to her, Carrot is unlike any other deer. He is very affectionate.

One day she got news from her husband that Carrot has got an arrow across his head. She was devastated. Here is a video from CTV News:

As soon as she was aware of Carrot’s situation, she called 911 and the Ministry of Natural Resources. It was sure that Carrot was not going to be euthanized. However, he needed to be treated but taking out the arrow would have made him lose much blood and would have caused him a lot of pain.

Later, during the operation, Carrot had been sedated, and tranquilizers were given to him. The downfall of using tranquilizers on deers is that they don’t react well with deer and might become fatal for them.

However, to our relief, Carrot is safe and sound.

In support of Carrot, Lee-Anne Carver made a Facebook page for him. Click here to see.

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