DELETED SCENE: Will Chris Hemsworth’s Frog Thor Appear in Loki Season 2?

As part of Loki’s physical media release, one of the included deleted scenes focuses on Loki’s coronation sequence where Frog Thor aka Throg, the character voiced by Chris Hemsworth, makes an appearance.

The deleted scene’s official description can be seen below:

“Mobius reviews some moments from Loki’s timeline, in which Frog Thor makes an appearance during Loki’s coronation.”

Given that Throg had no speaking lines in his original appearance in the series, it’s possible that the character will have a significant presence in this deleted sequence.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct in July 2021, Loki composer Natalie Holt explained that the scene of Loki in the Asgardian throne room from the Season 1 trailer was supposed to be included in a deleted scene featuring Throg giving Loki a beatdown in a TVA time loop:

“That was a moment in Episode 1. When Mobius is showing [Loki] his life, there were more moments in there. I think they just kind of cut it down to kind of give it a bit more focus. But there were a few extra moments in there, and that Frog of Thunder moment was one of them. I had actually written, I had done something with choir for it like it was this big, grand moment where Loki takes over the crown in Asgard, and then you see Thor as a frog.”

Holt then revealed that the shot of Loki on Asgard’s throne was going to be included as part of the Throg sequence:

“Yeah! Where he’s like, rising like this [Holt raises her arms], and he’s wearing a crown. Yeah, that was part of it. It was going to be in it.”

The Loki composer also said that she “[didn’t] know where they [were]” with the “Frog of Thunder” sequence:

“I don’t know if I should be talking about this! [‘Loki’ director Kate Herron] was hoping to release it as kind of, like, an extra scene at some point, but I don’t know. I don’t know where they are with that.”

Will Chris Hemsworth’s Frog Thor Appear in Loki Season 2?

Although it is not the usual reunion of the Asgardian brothers, this deleted Loki scene would give fans an opportunity to witness another sequence between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.

Unlike Loki Episode 5, the fact that Hemsworth recorded new lines for the Frog of Thunder strongly indicates that the actor will have hilarious banter with Hiddleston’s God of Mischief in the deleted sequence.

The scene’s inclusion in Loki’s physical media could also hint that Frog Thor could make another brief cameo in Season 2.

Loki director Kate Herron even mentioned that she thinks that Hemsworth was having a good time recording Throg’s lines for Season 1:

“Chris was… I think he was into it. I remember him laughing but it was just so surreal recording him, because even in the original version we had it was a very short scene anyway, so it was very short and sweet. But he found it very funny. I think he was probably just like, ‘Okay cool, what is this?'”

It’s also likely that the MCU veteran has already finished watching Loki Season 1 after Hemsworth previously admitted in November 2022 that he only finished one episode.

That said, it’s possible that Hemsworth will be back for more, considering that Thor: Love and Thunder and Netflix’s Extraction are both wrapped up.

Loki Season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ on October 6.

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