Attack on Titan Season 4: Differences Between Anime & Manga


The popularity of Attack on Titan is staggeringly huge. Never before has an anime accumulated the same extent of popularity as Attack on Titan. Its popularity boomed during the years of 2013 and 2014, when even non-weebs started watching it in large numbers. However, its popularity diminished a bit because it took too long for its second season to release. 

Now that the last and final season, Attack on Titan’s Season 4, is getting released, it’s a bittersweet moment for many loyal fans. The explosive war between the Eldians and the entire world is getting explored in this season. Many fans were extremely hyped to watch this season as there were many epic scenes and revelations in the manga. 

However, many fans observed some significant differences between the manga and the anime’s Season 4. These differences were commendable as it helped fill in some gaps in the plot. 

The Willy Tybur Farewell in Attack on Titan Season 4


Willy Tybur, the head of the Tybur family, made a scary plan to show that the Eldians in Paradis Island are “Devils of Paradis”. This was a ploy to save the persecuted Eldians in the Liberio Interment Zone. He willingly volunteered to be the scapegoat to lure Eren Yeager (“The Usurper”) into attacking them.

This attack would then prove to the entire world of the looming threat. Willy Tybur was eaten alive by Eren. In the manga version, Willy Tybur never said his farewell to his children or his wife. However, in Season 4, Willy had a very emotional moment with his wife before departing to do what he did.

The Wielder of the War Hammer Titan


The War Hammer Titan

In the manga, Isayama never revealed the name of Willy Tybur’s sister, the War Hammer Titan. She was always referred to as “Willy Tybur’s sister”. However, in the anime, the ani.me studio Studio MAPPA named her Lara Tybur. 

The Story of the Ackermans

The Ackermans like Levi and Mikasa are undoubtedly the strongest soldiers in the Attack on Titan universe. In the manga, when the attack on Liberio Interment Zone happened, Levi had a second encounter with the Beast Titan, who was obviously enraged. Zeke then explained that the Ackermans have superhuman powers because they’re the products of Titan Science. 

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