‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Cast Harry Styles, Chris Pine And More In Quarantine

It’s not been an appreciable year for new releases, and everything being put on hold. Brilliant movies have lined up for coming years — Don’t Worry Darling

Who stars in Don’t Worry Darling? 

The dazzling star cast includes Florence Pugh from Little Women, Harry Styles, who launched his acting career in Dunkirk, American actor, comedian Nick Kroll, Chris Pine from Wonder Woman, and relative newcomer Sydney Chandler. Gemma Chan and KiKi Layne will be on the roll.



So, what is Don’t Worry Darling about? 

Little known about the movie’s plot, Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia Wilde, is a thriller-drama. Sources report Florence will play as an “unhappy housewife (Alice) who slowly begins to question her own sanity when she starts to notice strange occurrences in her small, utopian community in the California desert.”

The script was written by Katie Silberman, the writer of Booksmart, and the production will exclusively be produced by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.


Why did production come to a halt?

The movie was announced in mid-2020 and had already started filming. The set temporarily has been shut down when a member had tested positive for COVID-19. 

The site reports that the person tested positive is not from the main crew line but “was in close enough proximity to them that the shut down was deemed necessary to find out if anyone else on the production has been exposed.” 

So far, no one else from the crew has tested positive. Production will be paused for 14 weeks, the recommended length of quarantine, as per the safety guidelines. 

As the quarantine period is over, the film is expected to resume shooting in Los Angeles.

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