Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Delayed! Final Arc to Begin Soon!!

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

As the shonen manga series kicks off its final arc, fans will not be delighted to hear that the upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone Chapter 213 is going to be delayed. This sad news came along with the release of this week’s issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump. 

The editorial department of the manga has passed the statement that a new chapter will not be released in the coming week. The notice also mentioned the reason behind the delay in the upcoming chapter.

Now the question remains as to when fans can expect the new chapter to be released? Well, read on to find out all about it.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 213

Dr. Stone Chapter 212 Recap

Here’s what happened in the previous chapter of Dr. Stone. 

Koharu finally reunites with Ruri. The duo hugs each other and Ruri tosses Koharu into the air as they celebrate their get-together. Koharu says that Ruri will never change as she is more concerned with him than with herself.

Suika remarks that both keep doing the same thing and claims that old habits die hard. Meanwhile, Danku is happy to see everyone safe. 

Ruri gets even more excited upon seeing Chrome. The general, however, questions the strength of Ruri as she manages to toss Koharu and catches her without dropping her. Chrome reminds him of the genes running in the duo’s blood and further mentions that they are more like mighty gorillas. 

Now that Ruri was petrified for a long time, Chrome realizes that they are now of the same age. Chelsea notices the love springing between the two and remarks that they like each other. Chrome retorts by saying that Ruri is a very likable person and everyone in the village used to like her.

Dr. Stone-Sagara-Chalk

Everyone is surprised when they find out that it was not Ruri who had not built the wall around the statues. Suddenly, Suika notices two animals in the bushes. It was Sagara and Chalk! They realize that it was the two that had built the stone wall to protect everyone. Gen realizes that since Sagara and Chalk are not humans, they were able to escape the Petrification ray. 

Finally, we got to see what Japan had been working on. Our characters are shocked to see the dam which is all part of Senku’s plan to generate hydroelectricity to supply all the power needed to refine his rocket’s aluminum. In the end, the rocket’s launch site is unveiled as Senku prepares to face the final frontier!

Why Is Dr. Stone On Hiatus?

Along with the 44th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump came a statement that the upcoming chapter will not return for a week. The editors of the manga, Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi, noted that Dr. Stone is set to begin its final arc in a few chapters. As a result, the writers require some time to finish their research before commencing the story’s final arc.

The statement also clarified that the break would not extend beyond a week. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Spoilers

The Dr. Stone manga is now transitioning to a critical juncture in the story. Senku and his research team are all set to begin their quest to the moon after the successful construction of the launch rocket. 

Senku’s study indicates that a man dubbed Why-Man is responsible for the freezing of all humans on the earth. The final arc will be titled “Final Part: Stone to Space”. This is the final arc of the ‘Source of Petrification Saga.’ Senku and his colleagues eventually begin their journey to the moon in this act.

There, they will confront Why-Man and find out the reason behind the petrification of the world. Furthermore, fans may anticipate discovering more about the story’s antagonist before they are vanquished by Earth’s heroes.

Dr. Stone Chapter 213

When Will Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Be Released?

Dr. Stone Chapter 213 is going to be unavailable for a week as understood from the statement by the manga’s editors. It implies that the next chapter of Dr. Stone’s manga will only be released in the manga’s next issue. Fans can therefore expect the upcoming chapter to come out latest by October 11, 2021.  

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Where To Read Dr. Stone 

Fans can access the official version of Dr. Stone from Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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