Dr Stone Manga Final Arc To Commence From October

Dr.-Stone final arc

The latest chapter of Dr Stone showed the world tour of Senku and his gang coming to a sad end. With this arc of his world tour coming to an end, we’ll see the final arc of Dr Stone commencing from the next month of October.

This means that our favourite sci-fi dystopian manga will come to an end soon. The next chapter of Dr Stone will be released on October 11, 2021 in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine #45.

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To find out everything you need to know about the final arc of Dr Stone, you can read further.

Dr Stone Final Arc: Plot

Dr Stone Chapter 203
This final arc will give us greater insight into how the Kingdom of Science dealt with the Why-Man and why the mass petrification happened centuries back. It might show in detail the fight between the two.

The plot of the final arc will revolve around the building of the rocket which will allow for greater communication to happen between the earth and rest of the universe. After they built the rocket, they’ll attempt to start their voyage to the Moon to meet up with the “Why-Man”.

However, the prospects of them returning to the Earth are still slim. Most arcs last for around 30-40 chapters, which means fans can heave a sigh of relief for the manga can still continue for around 7-9 months.


Dr Stone Spinoffs and Sequel?

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Many fans have been speculating about the possibility of many spin-offs and sequels of the original manga. This is quite likely since the original one has a lot of plot-holes that need to be covered properly for fans to be satisfied.

Furthermore, the mangaka of Dr Stone, Riichiro Sensei, has started publication. So, we need not worry much for mangakas often transfer a lot of their previous mangas to their new ones.




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