Dr Stone: Everything About Senku Ishigami!


Dr Stone is one of the hottest shounen anime shows these days, and rightly so! Ever since it premiered in July 2019, the series has amassed a good number of fans. Even before the anime adaptation, the manga series- which began serialization in 2017- was highly successful. 

To get its own anime counterpart within two years of release means a tremendous kudos to the manga’s quality. A big reason for why this show has become so popular is the main protagonist, Senku Ishigami. He is an 18 year old science prodigy who finds himself revived in a dystopian world. This world has lost traces of human civilization after a catastrophic event that literally petrified everyone. 

Now, Senku’s goal is to investigate what caused this petrification event and to save humanity. Read on to learn about this confident main protagonist! 

How Is His Appearance? 


Senku is a slim yet toned teenager who is portrayed to be quite attractive. He has light green hair that spikes up and he has a very interesting shade of red eyes. Kohaku once said about Senku’s appearance that he looks like a lady killer, which indicates that she finds him handsome. 

Luna also shows she’s attracted to Senku. He has stone markings in the form of two zig-zag lines above his eyebrows. 

What Is His Personality Like? 

Senku is a rather straightforward young man who is quite logical in his thinking and confident about his skills- sometimes, too confident. His seeming arrogance is not without merit as he really is quite the prodigy with a huge knowledge of science.

He’s a great leader because he never makes anyone who is less knowledgeable than him feel bad. He always makes sure to support and encourage the people around him.


Does He Have Any Love Interests? 

So far, Senku is depicted as someone who would rather not bother with romance. He’s a person who believes in logic, so romance is something that’s too complicated for him. Even when Kohaku admits to taking a keen interest in him, Senku gets uncomfortable.

This is because he fears she might be catching feelings for him. When she assures him that her interest is simply platonic, he visibly relaxes.

Senku’s Skills And Abilities

We already know that Senku is a science prodigy who has a vast encyclopedic knowledge of everything scientific. He has a deep understanding of mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, biology and engineering. He is extremely skilled in creating varied gadgets, medicine, and most importantly, the elixir for de-petrification.


He is highly fluent in both Japanese and English. That is how he was able to understand Ukyo and Gen when they were talking in English. Not only does he have scientific intelligence, he is a wonderful strategist.

This is shown in the way he brilliantly coordinated the villagers and some of Tsukasa’s people whom he later convinces to join his force.

On top of all these, he has an outstanding memory and is extremely charismatic in the way he interacts with people and understands human behaviour.


All in all, Senku Ishigami is a brilliantly written lead character who fans are excited to see more and more of!

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