Dr. Stone Chapter 215: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Dr. Stone Chapter 215 Senku

The plot of the story is getting crazier and crazier! In the previous chapter, Senku invented the television camera along with the security camera. But to everyone’s surprise, he comes up with the crazy idea of launching their own satellite to outer space!

Seeing how far Senku’s inventions have brought civilization, it is highly doubtful that his plans will fail this time. Dr. Stone Chapter 215 may just reveal the creation of the satellite and finally, the infamous Why Man may be revealed to us.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 215 Release Date

Following the usual production, Dr. Stone Chapter 215 is expected to be released on 24th October 2021. 

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Recap

The medusa had mysteriously activated itself sending a blast of the petri beam, petrifying Yo and Ryusui. Luckily, Senku and the others managed to escape the beam and successfully de-petrifies Yo and Ryusui as well. The crew is confused about the mysterious activation of the medusa and questions the two witnesses. However, it is clear that they are both innocent and are equally confused.

The people start deliberating the fact that Why-Man was behind the attack again and come up with a bunch of theories supporting it. The conclusion, however, remains the same. To find the location of Why-Man as soon as possible and to take the fight to him.

Dr. Stone Senku and Kohaku

Later, on the deck of the ship, we saw Ryusui approach Yo and accuse him of tampering with the medusa while bringing it from the US. But Yo denies the claim and defends himself by saying Ukyo was the one carrying it the whole time. Senku and Ryusui suspect that someone may have scheduled the attack. Still, they are unsure about why anyone would do it. They decide that the medusa will be kept under surveillance for the time being.

For this purpose, Senku unveils his next invention. By acquiring selenium, arsenic, and tellurium, Senku has all the materials required to create the TV Camera. More so, he creates the security camera with it. With this, the stone world had finally entered the stage of media.

For Senku, however, he didn’t invent the TV camera for entertainment purposes. He had rather big plans, one that could finally help him track down the location of Why-Man in the moon. He realized that even the best telescopes they possessed don’t show enough from down here. This made him come up with the crazy idea of building their own satellite for scanning the surface of the moon. Everyone is left dumbfounded and somewhat excited to hear Senku.

What to expect in Dr. Stone Chapter 215 

All preparations are almost complete as Senku and his team is at the last stretch to begin their expedition to the moon. The only thing left is to find the location of Why-Man in the moon which may finally be revealed in the upcoming chapter.

Dr. Stone Senku and Gen

Senku and his team have gathered all the materials required for the creation of their own satellite. Now the only obstacle remaining is building a working satellite and sending it to the earth’s orbit. But with Senku’s expertise, the idea does not seem far-fetched and we could possibly see one build in the next chapter.

Will Senku be finally able to spot the location of Why-Man? Does this mean that Why-Man’s identity will be revealed to us? We can definitely look forward to the next chapter of Dr. Stone as our science crew prepares for their final quest to the moon!

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Where to read Dr. Stone Online

Fans can access the official version of Dr. Stone from Viz Media and Shonen Jump.

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