Dr. Stone Chapter 214: Release Date, Spoilers & Leaks

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

After a short delay in the release of the previous chapter, the Final Arc of Dr. Stone is underway once more! Everyone was excited to see the computer Senku had put together. They were even able to play games on it with the help of Sai. But in a tragic end to the chapter, the Medusa activated itself and we saw Yo and Gen get petrified by the blast. Now fans are eagerly waiting to find out what happened to the two? Will Senku be able to save them? If you’re interested in finding out more about Dr. Stone Chapter 214 then read on!

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Release Date 

There has been no announcement of a delay in the production of the upcoming chapter. Fans can rejoice as this means Dr. Stone Chapter 214 will be released on time. Following the weekly production schedule of the manga, fans can expect Dr. Stone to return again on 17th October 2021. That leaves just 2 days before we get to see our favorite science crew again!

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Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Recap

Let’s take a look at what happened in the previous chapter of Dr. Stone.

Senku and his scientific team marvel over having built an enormous dam. After reviving many of the islanders, Gen explains to them what happened and the land they had recreated. Gen also discussed his appearance on television and Senku’s book. Senku’s Story Time book detailed how they had resurrected everyone and how they had become petrified in the past. The book also detailed the construction of the lunar rocket and the secret technologies that transformed people into stones. They also discussed why man is on the moon.

The crew also discussed various forms of media, claiming that the new world has arrived at the stage of media. Later, we noticed the crew acquiring television. The team was taken aback after seeing the new technology and wondered if they were repeating history. Senku’s squad was taken aback when he stated that they would not watch television programs.

Dr Stone Season 2

Ryusui spoke out regarding the boat’s schedule and how they had been waiting for the delivery for quite some time. Taiju appeared and greeted Senku with their fist-pumping meeting greeting. 

When Sai discovered that Senku had connected the computer, he was taken aback. Sai’s lightning-speed coding allows him to build a wide range of games that the science team enjoys. Sai even created an AI chess game to tell the tale of how science elicited unanticipated growth. 

Kaseki, speaking about Medusa, shows the science team a space that prevents deterioration. Senku keeps Medusa safe and secure, ensuring that she does not hurt anyone.

Yo and Gen discuss Medusa’s commute to work and gently exit the room. Medusa begins to react as they go. Yo and Gentry double-check everything, but they hear an odd noise. Yo and Gen, terrified, flee to find out what will happen next. Medusa is at work, scaring both Yo and Gen.

Senku and the rest of his friends heard something and were taken aback by what had happened.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter of Dr.Stone will reveal whether Senku and his friends escaped the blast radius of the medusa or not. They will also discover that Yo and Gen have been petrified by the Medusa. Yo and Gen will most probably be de-petrified by Senku. They will then try to figure out what caused the Medusa to activate.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

However, another theory is that Yo’s statue crumbled by the explosion’s impact. This could unfortunately mean that Senku will not be able to save Yo. This could also probably mean that Senku and his team will have to find a way to revive a person in terrible condition. 

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Where to read Dr. Stone Online

Fans can access the official version of Dr. Stone from Viz Media.  

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