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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers and Draft Pages Released

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85

The raw scans of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 were released some days back and we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s everything that may happen in the upco chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Recap

Granolah turned the tables in the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super by using Instant Teleportation in a more efficient method than Gas.

Granolah consumes the Senzu bean that Vegeta provided him in the previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super to regain the strength he needs to face the power-boosted Gas. They engage in a fierce battle, with Gas displaying a variety of weaponry to employ against the Cerealian fighter

granolah vs gas dragon ball super

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Spoilers

The collection of initial draft sketches, which depicted Gas and Granolah in action, was uploaded.  DBSChronicles published draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 on Twitter and the fight is intensifying.

Granolah appears to be taking too long to finish Gas, allowing the enemy to read his methods. Gas’ newfound abilities are fantastic, but he hasn’t got the opportunity to put them to the test, which can be a disadvantage.

Gas, on the other hand, finds out the Cerealean’s actions in one draught page. As a result, there’s a chance he’ll come out on top and defeat Granolah in the fight.

Granolah must complete the fight as quickly as possible, because Gas will grow stronger over time, accumulating the necessary experience to easily defeat Granolah. With only 12 chapters planned for the year, the Granolah arc’s last fights will heat up even more as Elec and the Heeters’ great agenda is revealed.

There’s no indication on what this next arc of Dragon Ball Super might include just yet. We don’t know if there will be a direct link between the Granolah arc’s conclusion and what follows. The events of this arc are directly linked to what happened in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 will get released on the 20th of January 2022. The release schedule of DBZ is on a monthly basis.

Where To Read

You can read all the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super on Viz Media and MangaPlus for free. The panels are pretty excellent and of high quality.


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