Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Teases Granolah’s Next Attack Plan


The cliffhanger from the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super has set the stage for Granolah’s next attack plan. The manga has currently reached a new phase in the Granolah the Survivor arc. With this, the focus is again entirely back on Granolah.

While in the beginning of the arc, he started out as the main enemy, now he is cast in the light of the main hero through the newest twist.

He is the last fighter who has the potential to stand up to Gas and the Heeters and stop them before they execute whatever plan they have been thinking of.

Dragon Ball Super

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This is the fight that is still being shown in the latest chapter of the series as Granolah tackles Gas all by himself. It’s also the first fight in the arc where Goku and Vegeta can’t offer a helping hand anymore.

This just might prove to be a total game changer for Granolah as he needs to attain the victory all by himself.

As such, with the fight between the two getting more and more intense in the latest release, the ending moments in the chapter set the stage for Granolah’s next attack move.

Additionally, Chapter 79 also showed just how powerful Gas has become owing to the Heeters’ wish. On the other hand, Vegeta’s help with the Senzu Bean has also been a major help to Granolah who has now regained his full strength and even managed to counter each of the Heeter brother’s technique.

Dragon Ball Super

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We soon find out that Gas has been holding back and that he has all of the abilities Granolah gained from the wish- such as Instant Transmission, Hakai, and other abilities.

However, Gas has very limited use with his new abilities. So, it’s the perfect opportunity for Granolah to use those exact techniques more efficiently. This chapter really showed us how smart Granolah can be during a fight.

We also know from his fights with Goku and Vegeta that he’s perfectly capable of coming up with a countermeasure. That’s it for now. We’ll find out the outcome of this battle when the next chapter gets released.

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