Dragon Ball Super To Feature In Jump Festa 2021

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75

Dragon Ball Fans will be delighted to hear that their favourite manga/franchise will be featured on Jump Festa 2021. Jump Festa is one of the most popular anime events in the world and the fact that DBS is getting a “Super Stage” is a testament to its popularity. 

Jump Festa will be held this year for two days from December 18 till 19 from 9AM-5PM (Japanese Standard Time). We can expect some really great news for fans of Dragon Ball Super who’ve been waiting for new anime episodes of DBS.

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This news was confirmed by an announcement from Jump Festa’s official Twitter page. While we still don’t know much about what the “Super Stage” will reveal about DBS, we can offer a lot of speculation about what could be revealed. 

We can expect the studios which produced the DBS anime version to start working on new episodes for Dragon Ball Super. Many fans have been ardently waiting for DBS Season 2 and that’s something that fans would really appreciate. 

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However, it’s equally likely that a new manga arc might be announced. In the previous chapters, we’ve seen Granolah and Vegeta fighting each other passionately with Vegeta unleashing his “God of Destruction ” Form. Previous years’ Jump Festa events have used the opportunity to publicize new manga arcs and that’s why this possibility is high. 

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta's God of Destruction Form
Vegeta’s God of Destruction Form

Another possibility is that they’ll release more details about the highly anticipated upcoming feature film called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This will premiere in 2022. This film will also feature in New York Comic-Con 2021 and that’s why it seems sort of pointless to feature it in another similar event. 


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