Dragon Ball Super: Similarities between Granola and Broly?

Dragon Ball Super closed its television broadcast in March 2018. This was after the defeat of Jiren at the hands of Goku and his companions.

However, this was not the end of Akira Toriyama’s work. Together with Toyotaro they began the saga of Moro, the planet consumer. Then they tackled the arc of Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race, in the manga.

On April 20, V-Jump magazine shared chapter 70 of the manga. There it was revealed that Goku and Vegeta have been hired by Elec to eliminate Granola. The latter, on the other hand, has been tricked into believing that the Saiyans come from Freeza. And that they wish to end the work of many years ago.

Of course, some fans have warned that this story is quite similar to the plot of the Broly movie. Let us remember that the legendary Saiyan is banished together with his father to the planet Vampa.

His resentment grows in exile and he is later tricked by Frieza into killing Goku and Vegeta. Of course, in the new saga we see that the roles have been exchanged.

Akira Toriyama shows that Freeza’s actions really caused a lot of damage in the universe. A great fight is already being prepared between the strongest Saiyans in the universe and the warrior who became extremely powerful by the Dragon Balls.

Only at the beginning, it was revealed that there are characters much more powerful than the Saiyans: the gods of destruction and the angels. As expected, Goku now aspires to equate himself with the gods. For this reason, he has developed a new technique called Ultra Instinct.

Thanks to this level of power, he managed to subdue Jiren and thus eliminate him from the Tournament of Power. This is how the series ended but the manga continued with two arcs. These were Moro, the planet consumer, and Granola, the last survivor of the Cereal race.

Of course, fans are still waiting for the big announcement of the return of anime to television. Well, the latest rumors indicate that Toei Animation would have a big announcement prepared for May 9 (Goku’s day).

That day a new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the alternative anime, would be released, and then the big announcement would be made. For now, it is not known if it is a new series, movie or extra content of the game of the same name.

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