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Artist Imagines Dwayne Johnson as Raikage From Naruto

As much as you and I would like that to be true and want nothing other than that to be the truth, it is still fan art, and we might need to calm down.

Live-action in the making

It has been long speculated that a Live-action Naruto movie is under development in Hollywood. Even Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto confirmed that rumor and said that the film would be made soon.

Now with all these restrictions due to pandemic or who knows what, the movie hasn’t been announced officially with its cast yet. Our fans need nothing more than a small hint to keep spinning theories; with the creator himself confirming the rumor, they have been on cloud nine ever since.

Massive hit

Naruto is one of the most successful anime ever produced. It is also one of the long-running ones. Making a live-action movie can be a huge deal and might be a massive hit.

Fans have already started speculating who will play their favorite characters. But recently, a fan art in Reddit suggested that our favorite championship holder turned actor Dwayne Johnson be cast as Raikage.

Before some get angry that Dwayne Johnson is nothing like that in character, we don’t mean that. The only reason fans think he will be a better-suited actor for that role is that, well, look for yourself. He kinda matches the profile.


The Dwayne Raikage

Raikage might be known for his pride and being short-tempered; well, his upbringing was that way, and as usual, Naruto changed him, but he is also very well known for his monstrous strength and his immense speed.

We shouldn’t forget that the only person ever to match his speed and escape his impact has been Naruto and Minato. The Rock might not be better suited for his short-tempered attribute, but he damn well suits every other profile.


Now that we already have a visual idea of how he will look if he is cast in the role, we want no one else playing it other than the Rock.

If the casting agency did find the Rock to do this movie amongst his busy schedule, please keep in mind the Reddit user who suggested it!

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