Edens Zero Chapter 170 Release Date And Expectations

Edens Zero Chapter 164

The end of the previous chapter left us all in the biggest hype mode ever as Mashima finally concluded the Nero 66 arc with a major timeskip. Aside from that exciting ending, the chapter was overall good with a little dash of humour and some fanservice sprinkled in. More importantly, we also got to find out Laguna’s backstory which was quite emotional and sad.

It really made many fans love his character even more after learning about his past. However, the highlight of the previous chapter was truly Mashima’s three years timeskip reveal. So what’s in store next for Edens Zero Chapter 170? Read on to find out all that we know about the upcoming episode!

Edens Zero Chapter 170 Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 170 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 169

The chapter begins with Shiki getting a mechanical eye with Sister even adding a bonus x-ray vision to it. Shiki excitedly gushes over it as the other crew members gather to see if his new eye works fine and there are some humorous bits thrown in this scene too.


Edens Zero Chapter 170

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Meanwhile, Mashima gives us some fanservice with both Weisz and Laguna shirtless in the bath. Weisz asks Laguna why he didn’t go back to Oasis, and Laguna replies that there’s no point staying with them since the war is over now. It is here that we get Laguna’s backstory before joining Oasis. He was an actor then along with a friend called Harold who also shared his dream to become a great actor.

They wished to perform together in the biggest theater but Harold died during the invasion of the Empire. Laguna was devastated at the death of a close one who he could even consider as his best friend. But the thing is he could no longer differentiate between his real emotions and his acted out emotions and this caused him great turmoil.


Edens Zero Chapter 170

After narrating his backstory, Laguna finally says that he thought long about it and what he wants to do is to help the Edens Zero crew. Just then, Shiki uses the ship’s PA system to send a message to everyone on the ship. Shiki gives an encouraging speech about their goal to find Mother and his conviction to finally see Ziggy as a serious enemy for real.

He admits that the war made him realize how dangerous Ziggy is to the universe. We also get a flashback here from the past when Shiki was a small kid. Small Shiki is worried that the new wound he got might leave a scar, and Ziggy fixes Shiki’s face by slapping on a layer of material to cover the area. Back in the present time, Shiki tears it off which signifies him finally cutting ties with his memories of Ziggy.

It’s so great to see Shiki’s character growth. He’s less naive now and is owning up to his role as the leader of the ship and taking responsibilities for the greater good of all the members of his crew. He firmly declares that they’ll have to defeat Ziggy so no one gets hurt and for that, they need to get stronger. The chapter then ends with a major timeskip of three years.


Edens Zero Chapter 170

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What Are Some Expectations for Edens Zero Chapter 170? 

There are no official spoilers available at the time of writing. In chapter 170, we can expect to see some altered character designs since the characters will obviously look different considering it’s been three years. Even Shiki looks more lean and taller in the ending panel of the previous chapter.

Also, in the past, we know about how the crew was able to get so strong with only a few days’ training under Xenolith. And three years is not a joke. That’s an awfully long amount of time. So imagine how much stronger they must be after the timeskip! We can also expect Shiki to be much more smart and level headed, in addition to becoming stronger physically.


Where to Read Edens Zero Chapter 170 Online? 

You can read the latest chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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