Hawkeye: What Does The Introduction of Echo Mean For The MCU?


As noted previously, Echo’s MCU story will not begin and end in “Hawkeye.” As revealed on Disney+ Day 2021, she will star in a series of her own sometime in the next few years, with Alaqua Cox once again behind the role.

It stands to reason the show will delve deeper into who she is and where she comes from, likely taking heavy inspiration from her rich comic book history. If this is the case, then “Echo” has the potential to give fans the reintroduction to a corner of the Marvel universe that they’ve been clamoring to go back to while still providing Maya Lopez plenty of time to shine.

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When the critically-acclaimed “Daredevil” wrapped up its three-season Netflix tenure in 2018, viewers were up in arms. They’d come to love Charlie Cox’s rendition of The Man Without Fear, Vincent D’Onofrio’s sadistic Wilson Fisk, as well as the bevy of supporting players that accompanied them.

Hawkeye's Maya Lopez aka Echo
Echo in Comics

Therefore, it felt like a disservice to all involved for the show to end so unceremoniously. Thankfully, given Echo’s connection to the Hell’s Kitchen crew, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that her Disney+ program could integrate these characters as MCU canon proper — acting as a pseudo-“Daredevil” Season 4.

At the end of the day, though, this is merely speculation. All we can do is cross our fingers until more details about “Echo” come to light and check out what she’ll be up to as “Hawkeye” continues to unfold.


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