Edens Zero Chapter 176 : Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

The last chapter was super exciting as Captain Connor impressively navigated the Edens Zero and successfully managed to give Feather and the Union Army the slip. It was reckless yet extremely daring. Now, about the next chapter, we’ve got some major spoilers for you peeps. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Edens Zero Chapter 176.

About Edens Zero

The manga follows the life and adventures of Shiki after he first encounters Rebecca and her feline companion Happy in Granbell Kingdom. When they realize that Granbell may have become too dangerous for them, the three of them embark on an adventure through the Sakura Cosmos, with an objective to make more fun videos and also find the elusive goddess Mother. Shiki is determined to achieve this goal and explore the entirety of space together with his new friends.

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Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 175

  • The chapter begins with Hermit and Sister discussing the precarious situation with Feather’s fleet having surrounded the space around the entire planet and the added trouble that her ships are the fastest in the Union Army.
  • The other crew members including Weisz and Homura are upset with Connor because they’re in this mess in the first place because of him. They add that they wouldn’t have been in Blue Garden or used up their fast travel if not for him.

Edens Zero Chapter 175

  • Shiki interjects, saying it’s all in the past now. But Weisz disagrees and is especially adamant about not trusting Connor and says that if Witch were still with them, she would also agree and wouldn’t hand over the ship’s controls to him so easily.
  • Rebecca then says that they can trust him. To this, Weisz retorts that she was the one who trusted him the least. Rebecca replies that she may not trust his connection to Ziggy, but she trusts his piloting skills.
  • With that said, Connor decides to handle their escape mission from the Union Army’s clutches. Shiki says that he doesn’t want to fire at anyone who’s not their enemy and Connor agrees.
  • Back at Feather’s fleet, they see that the Edens Zero is approaching at a speed of 50 ether knots. As they will soon be within firing range, they decide to commence warning fire soon.
  • As the firing starts, Hermit activates Protect Matrix to shield their ship.
  • Feather’s side sees that the Edens Zero is still approaching and even gained more speed. Fearing that they may ram their ship into them, they also deploy their shields.
  • The Edens Zero then takes this opportunity to swiftly escape Feather’s siege. The crew members are shocked at the sudden spike in their ship’s speed and ask Connor how he did it.
  • Connor replies that he took all eight of the ship’s ether turbines to full throttle. Sister comments that it’s impossible! And Hermit also adds that the ship can’t be controlled at that speed. But Connor simply replies that he was able to execute it with no problem.
  • But the real battle is yet to be conquered. Feather’s Armada is also flying at a super fast speed. The crew worries that she’ll catch up in no time.
  • Connor suddenly starts shouting out multiple orders.

Edens Zero Chapter 175

  • Hermit exclaims that he shouldn’t do that but Connor has already executed his move. Weisz shouts at Connor, questioning if he turned off the ship’s horizontality mechanism amidst the chaos as they all tumble around the ship.
  • Despite this, Sister remarks that Feather’s fleet is still gaining on them. Connor says that they don’t have to worry since they won’t be following them soon anymore.
  • The Edens Zero then flies through the debris field at an incredible speed. Feather’s men are shocked at the daring risk they’re taking because if they accidentally hit any asteroid, it would cause severe damage.
  • The Edens Zero crew members are also much surprised at the dangerous risk, yet still impressed Connor is able to execute it so well.
  • To everyone’s surprise, Feather’s ship also charges through the debris field adamantly. Connor then decides to fire, but Shiki protests. Connor clarifies that he was talking about the asteroids.
  • This successfully obstructs Feather’s path. Just then, fast travel gets fully charged and the Edens Zero uses this opportune moment to flee and head to the Kaede cosmos.
  • The crew is impressed and comments that though Connor’s techniques are reckless, he is amazing at what he does. But some are still upset that their trip to Blue Garden turned out to be all for nothing.
  • Shiki replies that that’s not true. It led to them finding a Captain for their ship.
  • The chapter then ends with Feather on a call with Holy who is aware that Feather’s siege plan has failed to capture Shiki and crew. She also knows that they’re heading to Lendard in the Kaede cosmos and says that she’ll be taking over now.

Edens Zero Chapter 175

Leaks and Spoilers of Edens Zero Chapter 176

  • In Chapter 176, Shiki and his friends will all have a moment of relaxation on the planet Dahlia. This seems like the apt thing to do after the whole chaotic escape mission the crew just went through in the latest chapter.
  • Another spoiler is that since Elsie took her own sweet time getting to the Aoi War, Shiki is returning the favor by taking multiple detours.

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Release Date of Edens Zero Chapter 176

Edens Zero Chapter 176 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Where to Read? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.

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