My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Raw Scans: Lives Of Dabi and Toga

My Hero Academia Chapter 341: Dabi and Toga

The raw scans of My Hero Academia Chapter 341 were released recently and gave us a peek into the lives of Dabi and Toga. It offers us a glimpse into the sad lives that led to them becoming villains.

Here’s what the raw scans of the upcoming chapter reveal.

My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Release Date

On the 23rd of January, 2022, Chapter 341 will be released. On a weekly basis, a new chapter of My Hero Academia is released.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 341 Raw Scans

My Hero Academia chapter 341, titled “The Story of How We All Became Heroes,” concentrates on the villains, particularly Dabi and Toga, as per the raw scans.

My Hero Academia chapter 341: Toga’s Childhood

My Hero Academia chapter 341 commences with Toga arriving at her family’s house, according to the raw scans. It’s possible that this is a flashback. The chapter depicts her horrific experience living up in that house, with her parents creating an environment where she felt unsafe.

“I want to be a small bird,” she declares as she lies down on her old bed in exhaustion. Toga recalls her parents telling her to keep her nasty side hidden citing societal constraints on “weird” behavior.



Toga’s House Burned

She meets up with Dabi after leaving her devastated home. Toga’s house is set on fire by Dabi. Dabi uses this to entirely free Toga from her bonds, as well as gift her a slight amount of Twice’s blood. When Toga receives it, she smiles.

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Shigaraki’s Regeneration process

Shigaraki is employing his regeneration process in a cave, where his flesh is bursting from his body. Spinner is terrified when he sees this. Skeptic explains that too many people are against Heroes who employ mutant oddities, but they like Spinner.

My Hero Academia Chapter 341


The final graphic depicts AFO’s authority over the surviving Nomus. One of AFO’s subordinates is revealed to be the Sludge Villain, who attempted to capture and possess Bakugou in Chapter 1.

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